Ron Paul’s Speech after Florida Primary: ‘We’ve Only Gotten Started’

  • Ron Paul needs delegates!!! Supporting dr. Paul on youTube, Facebook, telling friends and family about him is not enough! Even registering republican and voting for him in the primaries is not enough! They (GOP) have changed the rules this time around because Paul is gaining so much momentum! The bad news about this is now that even if Ron Paul gets the most votes in your state the majority of states let the delegates (who nominate the parties candidate NOT THE VOTERS) vote for whoever they wa

  • GET THIS MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE . Its been a while since a politician finally gets what this free country needs and its citizens are clamoring for

  • Spoken like a true Boss

  • I’m from the UK and I hope you guys across the pond are gonna campaign hard over the next few months. The media won’t support him so the people will have to. Get your fellow american’s off of the couch away from the TV and tell remind them of your marvelous constitution and the values of liberty.

    …Because if Ron Paul becomes president in 2012 we might have the courage to sort out our bastard government!


    • SARGE (Ret.)

      Get your goddamn guns back and get rid of the Monarchy. Your lives are more important than theirs. I can’t even imagine what this country would be like now if we had been a Monarchy, scares the daylights out of me.

      Also, pull out of the UN, F*ck the UN.

  • Ok people LISTEN!!! Ron Paul is a very close 2nd in Nevada polls behind Romney by 9-10%. We have to do the best we can! Don’t you want Ron Paul to win his first state, Nevada? Or are you going to sit back, cross your fingers, and pray that Romney doesn’t win? Do something about it god damn it! Make phone calls, volunteer in Nevada, handout SuperBrochures, put signs up in busy intersections in Vegas, ANYTHING. Let’s show Romney that we are sick of this nonsense and that now it is OUR turn!

    • Dominic

      Leave no stone unturned !!!

  • this crowd does not seem like 7%

  • Batman

    Obama’s going to try to Ban guns after this election. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went over Congresses head like he’s been doing.

    He just signed a Global Internet Treaty with the UN that’s worse than SOPA.

    The UN doesn’t like American’s having guns, one of it’s missions is to remove all firearms from the citizens of the world.

    That’s why I can’t understand Switzerland joining the UN, even if they where the very last to join… Now, they are having to defend their Gun Rights… surprise, surprise…

    Please, don’t just take my word for it, look all of this up yourself and spread the message.

    It is imperative that we drop out of the United Nations, to them our Constitution is null and void.

    Please vote for Dr. Ron Paul this election, he is our RESET button. He MUST win.

  • If Ron Paul don’t win, this country will be so fucked up! Oh I forgot It’s fucked up already!!!

    RON PAUL 2012!

  • RussellsFamilyIsTrash

    Is Russells dad mad because Russells mom and I got drunk and screwed after the Ron Paul convention?

    • HackedRussellsFacebook

      Hey, I hacked that Russell idiot who keeps trolling here’s facebook by tracking his Ip address. 😉

      Here’s a nice picture of him, I’ll bet his deceased father is sure proud.

      P.S. no wonder he’s in love with Obama so much and likes to make crude sexual insults at everyone. . .

      • DickCheneySucks


  • see where USAID goes in pictures and video from Egypt on my channel page..

    • Dominic

      where’s your link?

      Fuck it I’ll google US Foreign aid.

  • Ive got seven family members plus me to vote for Ron Paul.
    One my cousins just got three of her friends to pledge to vote for him and my best friend and his parents and two of his cousins are voteing for him, thats a hell of a lot of votes for him from north Texas alone.
    Texas is fighting hard for Ron Paul, we lost Florida but who acually thought he would win?
    Florida is New Yorks retirement home lol

    • VikingInside

      What? You mean West Israel ??

      • Dominic

        I wish more Non-Zionist Jews would stand up and speak out for Dr. Paul.

        Everyone needs to speak up at this time. It’s the least we could do for humanity at this time. I don’t want people saying in 20 years “why didn’t somebody do something?” “Why didn’t people speak out?”

        When will we begin to learn from humanities past mistakes? When Lord?


  • can’t wait to vote for Ron Paul!

  • We won’t support anyone but Ron Paul… Willard is the same as Owe-Bomba, what’s so hard to understand about this? Status quo corporatists working for the elites and driving our country into the ground.

    • VikingInside

      Hey call both of them by their real names. 😀

      The MSM and the Establishment ran by the Worlds Largest Corporations and the Banks, want’s us to choose:

      Barry Soetoro or Willard Romney

      Ron Paul will be the next President of the Republic, not Barry Soetoro or Willard Romney.

  • Ar15andLiberty

    Originally Posted by: UsaIsraelAggressors

    Watch this video of the Iranian Military Parade they had representing the US and Israel…

    If you payed attention you will see the US Flag and the Israeli Star advance onto the Sword, not the Sword on the Star or Flag… Think about it people, think hard… the future depends on it…

    Also remember, there is no respawning in Iran. . .

    • Ar15andLiberty

      Originally Posted by: UsaIsraelAggressors

      TEHRAN, Iran

      Enmity runs deep between arch-foes Iran and Israel. And that confrontation complicates the lives of Iranian Jews, who make up the largest community of Jews in the Middle East outside the Jewish state.

      Iran’s Jews are buffeted by inflammatory rhetoric from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about “wiping Israel off the map” and denying the Holocaust, and a politically charged environment that often equates all Jews with Israel and routinely witnesses the burning of the “enemy” flag.

      But despite what appears to be a dwindling minority under constant threat of persecution, Iranian Jews say they live in relative freedom in the Islamic Republic, remain loyal to the land of their birth, and are striving to separate politics from religion.

      They caution against comparing Iran’s official and visceral opposition to the creation of Israel and Zionism with the regime’s acceptance of Jews and Judaism itself.

      “If you think Judaism and Zionism are one, it is like thinking Islam and the Taliban are the same, and they are not,” says Ciamak Moresadegh, chairman of the Tehran Jewish Committee. “We have common problems with Iranian Muslims. If a war were to start, we would also be a target. When a missile lands, it does not ask if you are a Muslim or a Jew. It lands.”

      The continuous Jewish presence in Iran predates Islam by more than a millennium. One wave came when Jews sought to escape Assyrian king Nebuchadnezzar II around 680 BC; others were freed from slavery by Cyrus the Great with the conquest of Babylon some 140 years later.

      Anti-Semitism historically ‘rare’

      Historically, say Jewish leaders, anti-Semitism here is rare, a fact they say is often lost on critics outside, especially in Israel, where many Iranian Jews have relatives. Still, the Jewish community has thinned by more than two-thirds since Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution, to some 25,000; the largest exodus took place soon after the Islamic Republic was formed, though a modest flow out continues.

      “Our problem is that the Israel issue is not solved, and that affects us here,” says one Iranian Jew who asked not to be named.

      But that does not affect every Iranian Jew. Surgeon Homayoun Mohaber measures his nationalism in blood, and bits of metal – the kind of support that Iranian Jews say has defined their small community’s ties to Iran.

      During the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s, as an Iranian military surgeon, Dr. Mohaber conducted more than 900 frontline operations, was himself wounded, and gave blood twice to save fellow Iranian soldiers.

      Today, in his Tehran clinic, he keeps a jar full of bullets and shrapnel fragments, extracted during the war from wounded soldiers.

      “The relations between Jews and Muslims, between 70 million Muslims and 30,000 Jews, are very good,” says Mohaber. “In Israel, the situation for Iranian Jews is quite misunderstood.”

      “[The Islamic regime] made very good respect for me all the time, and did not care about my religion after the revolution,” says Mohaber, who avoided a general purge of Jews from the officer ranks after Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution.


      Spread this Info.

      • Ar15andLiberty

        My Followup:

        Interesting video, seems that Iran is telling their people that the Us and Israel are the aggressors. We are, sadly. We can’t let our Government commit this Travesty against these people whom do not deserve to die.

        Also, I appreciate the second post you made, it’s interesting that the Msm and most of our people have never thought to ask Iranian Jews how they feel about their country and it’s leadership or Israel itself for that matter.

        This goes to show that Israel and the Us have the same goals in mind, they are the Axis…

        Hey people remember how we complained about that if Germans would have stood up and told Hitler to bugger off that WW2 would have never happened and Germany wouldn’t have suffered another crushing defeat?

        Well this is Weimar Germany and the Establishment is the Nazi Party, do the math. . .

        Am I getting through to you?

        Are we on the same page?

        Did you think this was a normal election?

        Did you think this was a game?

        Hey you, wake up and stop this mass madness you maniacs!

        • SARGE (Ret.)

          What kind of a whack-job would thumb your first post down?

          Someone who doesn’t like truth and documented facts to be shown to others I suppose.

          That speaks volumes about their character, what fu*king cowards. . .


  • People are so stupid… Why would anyone consider voting Willard or Newter or especially Little Dick Santorum? They are all status quo, thieves and liars. Ron Paul or bust people.

    • TheWarWagesOn1939-2015

      The individuals that are shown the truth yet continue to make the wrong choices are the ones we call “worthless eaters”, the ones that are being “removed” as I type… They have no brain, no purpose, no meaning… They consume everything until there is no more… Like ignorant Pigs…

      Some were and still are being exposed to overwhelming amounts of radio active particles that will soon lead to a massive plague of cancer. This hot stuff is the “Soft Kill” weapon of choice and is being used on a World Wide scale to dramatically reduce the human population to a few hundred million. Now thanks to the successful media black out and the extermination plumbs have been maxed out, we can chat about it all day long, because it is already done, we just have to wait and see the logic behind a Soft Kill weapon… It allows the enemy to pay for their departure. These plans have been labored over for more than 40 years. Fukushima was the final step. The Mainstream media’s blackout of the Gamma Radiation still spewing out into the worlds largest natural recourse has been a success. It’s too late now.

      We must wait until the population becomes to hot to move, then we can impose Martial law through out America and Canada, as well as through out all in the United Nations, such as the UK, Europe and others.

      Who will die as a result of this radiation will be determined on location.
      Now you understand why we leave our borders opened to the south and invite immigration to our major cities.

      You do see it don’t you??

      Am I at the right place?

      Are you on the right page?

      Did you think this was just a game?

      Give glory to where it belongs, to our Superior Leaders who just happen to be Superior…

      • Jason

        Cool story bro, too long didn’t read.

  • He is the loving grandfather of the US we all need and love. <3 LOVE YOU RON!!!

  • Awesome speech!

  • The next caucus are in the following states Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota and then Missouri. If ron paul can’t win just one state he sucks!!!!!!!