Ron Paul’s Speech after Florida Primary: ‘We’ve Only Gotten Started’

  • America is BROKE…A war with Iran will put an end to social security and take medicade with it.

  • the mainstream media in Poland says that Ron Paul have no chance to be president of usa


  • The Nation is behind Ron Paul.

  • The age of Obama is over. Ron Paul is the true champion of the people.

  • I love this crowd

  • Ron Paul has done his part for 30 years spreading the message of liberty – it’s up to us his supporters to spread that message to as many people as possible – people are waking up – but remember they’ve been asleep for a very long time…. Ron Paul 2012 or bust….

  • I wish Ron would protest when debate moderators skip over him question after question.What happened to the equal time rule?It really is becoming obvious that elections are manipulated by the corporate media who half of which profit from war like General Electric and Westinghouse.I guess if you want peace and sanity in the world it effects their bottom line.

  • people 65 or older for ron paul: 3%
    obviously the people who only watch tv and mainstream news and most of whom can’t use the internet and believe that ron paul is going to get rid of social security instead of steadily wain people off of it.


  • who the fuck voted for the rest of romney and newt?? seriously?

  • I love Ron Paul, but it’s obvious now that most Americans still prefer the status-quo, more overseas policing and a bigger government. I guess in 4 years Rand could gather more supporters when the country is completely bankrupt.

  • The 7% voters has got more enthusiasm than all of the rest combined!!

  • The media does put up fake numbers, they choose the winner of every state. One reporter said if Ron Paul wins Iowa we just take it out.

  • If voting made a difference it would be illegal.

  • Chl out this vid 😉



  • the media will shit their pants win ron paul starts winning some states!

  • Vote for Ron Paul his shit doesn’t stink, he is bad ass like that

  • I’m commentint too much wtf!!!!!! Fuck youtube

  • Enjoy ANOTHER 4 years on destruction and implosion, America.. you’re doing it to yourselves. If you vote in ANYONE that takes banker money, you WILL get the collapse of your nation.

    Wake up, America. You’re a joke.

    /ignores any retards making Australia jokes.. I hate this country too.

  • The ONLY man our forefathers would have voted for.
    God willing may Dr.Paul pull ahead of the rest, and save us from ourselves.