Ron Paul: Hey Banksters, No More Bailouts for You

  • Ron Paul is a politician who represents the romanticized notion of “good old days” of pre-American Cvil War era in Confederate States where “Private Property Rights” meant right to own slaves, “Family Values” meant & still means right to prosecute gays for being gays.

    He went as far as saying a child who is born in The US should not have right to citizenship if a child’s parents are immigrants and this is the guy who is from a state which WAS a part of Mexico.


  • I thought this was a good interview. Not perfect but it was good.Ron Paul got 20 mins to get some of his message across and did it well.

  • Most of the bailout money received by the banks has been paid back, and with fairly high interest rates at that.

  • Mainstream media have their tactics.

    Cutting off the conversation is the number one tactic.

  • This guy is a fucking douchebag. He doesnt even let Ron Paul finish half of his sentences without yapping his ugly mug thinking he has a 1-up on him . Srry buddy ur just an idiot !

  • Come on America please at least let their be one state with enough common sense to choose Ron Paul.

  • Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that knows sound economic policy. Mitt the Ripper and Newt the Grinch are already counting the ways they can defraud the American people.

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  • I was a licensed loan originator in Ohio and Ron Paul knows what the F-he is talking about. His right in all his economic stances. Ron Paul is the Man.

  • What a tool!

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • I would love it if, for once, an intelligent journalist like Matt Taibbi interviewed Ron Paul. This guy is fucking ridiculous. He should be bowing before RP’s godly intelligence and comprehension of what is actually happening in the USA.

  • The guy, who is a poor example of a man, doing this interview looks like Ben Bernanke’s brother. Ron Paul repeatedly schooled this guy in Austrian Economics!

  • Lack of honesty and knowledge created bailout. Only with more honesty and knowledge we can be free.

  • Joseph Q.

    I think the majority of people out there don’t have a clear understanding of what actually happened regarding the “bank bailouts.” Check the link below to get educated. It explains why the government is to blame and not the unjustly demonized big banks.

  • That’s Right, this is our LAST CHANCE. No one else will change anything!!! You better vote for Ron Paul or the rest of your life in the USA will Get Worse, meaning things will get more expensive, complicated, out of control and intolerable and will continue to grow worse. Also bear in mind that if Ron Paul wins Ron’s good policies will influence other country’s bad policies and their governments could change for the better of their people and further the good of All people.

  • Let’s see how we can compare the candidates.
    Santorum= Mc Donalds
    Newt= Burger King
    Romney= Carls Jr.
    Ron Paul = IN & Out Burgers.
    Need I say more.

  • Possibly the most annoying interviewer I’ve ever heard

  • so i was playing empire total war, and i had a ginormous army….i went broke and lost the game 🙁

  • how can ppl get a tax credit when ron wants to not tax in the first place on ur labour..maybe he means that when there is no taxes on ur labour what u save u use to pay the debt.

    • Amer Ican

      He wants to work towards getting rid of taxes as the constitution said before they shiested in the 16th amendment in the name of war funding. The 16th amendment is slavery, plain and simple..
      The system has created reliance on tax funding from the peoples income. Ron Paul isn’t stupid, a trillion dollar tax cut is VERY MODEST, and in no way will prevent the need for individual tax. If people start paying attention and get these cronies out of Washington, we will some day no longer need individual tax.