Ron Paul: Hey Banksters, No More Bailouts for You

  • This guy needs to go easy on the coffee.

  • Nice interview. But it was clear that the interviewer was pushing against Paul. I enjoyed Paul’s answers a lot.

  • 19:00 !!!!! germany behind ron paul!
    4000 babies….what else can i say


  • This video made Banks dump 500k into Romney, Newt, & Obama’s campaigns.

  • When Ron Paul can talk freely, he kills it. Love you Ron Paul.

  • LMAO this is funny, Ron is actually owning this fucking douche.

  • Spread the word everyone, make your friends and family watch youtube videos about ron paul!!

  • This interviewer is a biased fast talking idiot who starts the questions off as harmless the tries to digg it in to him at the end. Please america Pleeeease get this man ( Paul) as your president and don’t do again and re-elect obama.

  • Instead of go I meant how*

  • He knows how to reply* damn iPhone sucks!!!

  • The reporter after the interview said; “Wow! I just got raped by Ron Paul’s intelligence” “I’m never interviewing this man again!” go Ron Paul!!!

  • I’d like to be as intelligent as Dr. Ron Paul. He’s brilliant. He knows go to reply to stupid meaningless questions. He stays cool and schools every reporter.

  • I think the reporter did a good job, and of course, as always, Ron Paul did an excellent job.

  • what was he muttering at the end?

  • LOL that’s what happens when a liberal gets all his retarded arguments demolished.

  • So this is what a Troll looks like in person!!

  • Look how energized his is! I’m optimistic. He can really win Nevada!

  • How do you beat him?

    Get more votes.

  • hmmmm I think i saw a bit of true emotion from this reporter at 21:23 – 21:30. looked like frustration, cursing and anger. Were we meant to see that? hmmmmmmmm. RON PAUL, a true voice. someone who keeps getting emotionally attacked from every corner of this election and manages to stay clear, grounded and amazingly positive. Ron Paul truely cares for our futures.lets take responsibility for our childrens futures. VOTE RON PAUL! MUCH LOVE TO ALL!

  • What a sloopy interviewer he looks like a stragler.