Ron Paul: Hey Banksters, No More Bailouts for You

  • There is only one way forward for us all “Revolution” and prosecute the traitors accordingly, we know who they are now!

  • the banksters will not allow Ron Paul to win. they will rig elections. pay off anyone they need to to get Romney or Newt in there. wall streeters and lobbyists have unlimited money to get what they want. PERIOD! end of discussion. we are fooling ourselves if any of us think otherwise. we need atleast another 4 years of demise before a Ron Paul has any chance. thank goodness he has a son who will fill his shoes in the future. Rand Paul 2016!!

  • Are they filming this in the basement?? All of it was negative. Why are you not gonna win? Why aren’t you going to help people with their houses? You would really stop foreign aid to Israel? It’s so weird to hear people bash Ron Paul, then turn around and talk about bailouts, the constitution, the corruption, the endless wars, and the bad economy. Then they conclude that we just need a great KING who can fix it all. A great king like Romney or Gingrich. What a joke!


  • Figure out who is in charge of vote counting in Nevada and then hold a knife to they’re jugular to ensure fairness.

  • Owns Obama on the banking issues.

  • Maybe Mitt,Newt and Santarum say these negative sound bytes from time to time so the media can run with it and make the “Republican Party” look like a disgraced and this might give negative thoughts toward Ron Paul because he`s a Republican too, and this is all in favor of Obama to make him look good, so what we got here is Mitt,Newt,Santurm and Obama plus the Media and the Fed VS RONPAUL2012! good luck to you Dr Sir Paul were keeping the faith and hope alive,Positive Energy Folks RONPAUL2012!

  • People who are upside down and used their homes as ATMs to buy more stuff were not strong armed to take out more debt. They need to assume some of the blame if they took out multiple mortgages. Paul’s right, the government needs to stay out of it and is responsible for the bubble and bust. I lost half the value of my home which was my nest egg due to govt intervention. The govt screws up everything it touches.

  • I’m not even an american and I’m wishing I could vote for Ron Paul. The man’s got class, wisdom, and I wish he was canadian so I could have him as a Prime Minister.

  • It’s rather amazing how Dr. Paul answers all the attacks that interviewers throw at him with common sense answers. The honesty that Dr. Paul radiates is something that I have never seen in a presidential candidate. I believe its his honesty that is causing all of this unambiguous hatred towards him from the establishment.

    “If you tell the truth, have one foot in the stirrup” -an old Turkish proverb

  • Don’t agree with Ron Paul’s impression on Mitt Romney’s statement about the poor. This is the fat cat who said corporations are people.

  • Ron Paul will become president of the FED if Jesuit don`t not kill him.

  • Ron Paul took 2nd in NH, and that’s not too shabby. I was proud to vote for him in the NH primary. GO RON PAUL 2012~

  • Face to Face my arse. i would really like to see the “unedited” version. Paul still made this squirrel sweat. Quite tough to fight the truth with a educated debate genius at the helm. Someone just got “Ron Pauled”.

  • Anarchy means lack of a state, NOT chaos. Governments create chaos.

  • “all evil springs from the federal reserve” “TRUE” lol.
    Ron Paul 2012.

  • Awesome interview!

  • Great!

  • one word BOOM!!!! dropping liberty bombs 24/7 this thing is far from over there will be surprises that will make the establishment shake count on it!!! RP2012

  • actually…santorum never won a primary either, just a caucus, which RP might get more delegates from.

  • WHo IS this arrogant tool interviewing Ron?? He should spend a little less time looking in the mirror and manicuring that LOVELY goaty beard and educate himself..Very unlikable character..

    When you have your head shoved so far up your own ass it’s very hard to see as this interviewer has just shown.!