Ron Paul: Hey Banksters, No More Bailouts for You

  • Thank you Dr. Paul for standing up against the Establishment Status Quo for me. You’re my hero!

  • This host is a blow hard, Ron seems annoyed by this goon, at the same Ron is very upstanding , respectful and like always amazing. Go Ron I’m praying for us all!

  • Way to much common sense here. Lets get back to more regulation and mandates, bailouts for the greedy wall street gang, unconstitutional laws and might as well throw some more war in the mix. We will charge into the bliss. Stand in the field with your musket and shoot large balls of lead at each other with honor. The ignorance has been bliss since time.

  • can someone post me a link to romneys head to head interview

  • man i want to see romneys

  • Ron Paul = Sleaze Ball


  • If moderates want anyone but Obama, fiscal conservatives want Paul, libertarian republicans want Paul, independents want Paul, and disenchanted democrats want Paul, then he is our best hope to beat Obama.

  • somebody please smack the shit out of the stupid talking head


  • Why don’t they send nuclear waste to the sun? it will have zero consequences. nowhere on earth is safe.

  • this guy doesn’t want to hear anything ron paul has to say….

  • good job good interview president paul

  • I was tickled when Ron Paul brought up the depression of 1921. A perfect example of how most economic problems, when left alone, solve themselves before they ever become serious.

  • “…the only way he will not win is because too many Americans are brainwashed like the people in Florida.” Add to that….with a little help from the voting machines…right Harry Reid?

  • Fuck this interviewer.

  • All Ron Paul has to do speak the truth….and he wins…they only way he will not win is because too many Americans are brainwashed like the people in Florida

  • Ron Paul is a coward who was best friends with Osama Bin Laden. Ron Paul is a known Draft Dodger that supports Terrorism against the USA. He believes GW Bush blew up the WTC on 9-11. Honest Mitt Romney is a good Mormon and a War Hero. Admiral Mitt Romney lead the Navy Seals Team into Pakistan and killed Osama Bin Laden himself. Ron Paul hates the USA and Mitt has saved the USA many times. Ron Paul hates the USA. Vote Romney 2012. Let us all say Amen.

  • Mr. Paul explains everything so easy, and dumbass still just cant understand it.
    I can not understand why millions of people dont stand behind this man.

  • Ron Paul has at least doubled his support in every state! This is a testament to his grass roots supporters. This means every supporter from 2008 has recruited at least one. And honestly, can anyone imagine someone leaving? This is good news for the upcoming caucus states. I’m excited!

  • Arent Bankers classed as Terrorists under the NDAA ?