Ron Paul: Hey Banksters, No More Bailouts for You

  • This is the worst TV “face to face” I have ever seen

  • If people keep educating their Family, friends & Nieghbors ROn pPaul has a GREAT chance
    if they stop believing the mainstream media & watch Ron Pauls positions from his own lips,
    every holiday I get my Nephew & Bros in law to watch a 3 minute to 10 minute video from UTUBE to debunk their misconceptions of him & They even watch AMRERICAN DREAM once reguarding the federal reserve, My Mom now knows how to read between the lines on Mainstream & gets pissed at Ron Paul blackouts now, LOL True 🙂


  • I see Problems !
    The Banks already Got the Bailouts, 6 trillion printed since Obama took office & our country only had 2 trill. debt in 80ish after 200 yrs in existance.
    We had a decent economy w/ 6 trillion dollars less, BUT BUT BUT, we dont have piles of money in peoples living rooms & to much in circulation making it worthless
    SO WHERE IS IT! Ron Pauls Audit of the feds a good idea, but if they bought the gold, we’ll be their slaves for yrs, unless mores printed given to the lower classes

  • the more Ron Paul truthfully answered the questions and answered well I must say, the more irate the Host seems to get.

  • WTF?!?!? Ron Paul shouldve bitch slapped the shit out of that reporter. that reporter had no knowledge on the topics that he was interviewing Ron paul…enough is enough we gotta put an end to this


  • This reporter is dumber than a box of sun baked turds.

  • I am from Canada. My fellow Americans don’t be discouraged by the MSM blackout and voter fraud. The fact that the establishment has to do these low despicable tactics in order to marginalize Ron Paul just shows how much they are shaking in their boots. Keep spreading the message of Ron Paul and you WILL win! You cannot kill an idea whose time has come. It cannot be stopped by any government or army. Ron Paul 2012!

  • The interviewer is a moron. Sometimes these guys are just too stupid to understand economics but sometimes I think it’s a lot more sinister.

  • a key quote from this interview 18:43 “Dont believe what you read in the newspapers” right on Dr

  • I think the elections are totally rigged. If Gingrich wins a state but had to cancel speeches cause not enough people come, there is something wrong.

  • The problem with America is that most people are too stupid to understand Ron Paul’s ideas.

  • The problem is that if Ron Paul would become President he would get blocked by congress even harder than Obama.

  • The host is talking like he thinks that Ron Paul is going to do unnecessary cuts, and that he’s just a meanie, and he wants to hurt people. This is called shortsighted, ignorant foolishness, shooting the messenger. They should be on their knees thanking him, with tears flowing down their faces begging for forgiveness. America is characterized by viciously attacking, degrading, undermining, people who tell them the truth.

  • Ron Paul will become president even if the republican party dont elect him!

  • Nice interview to watch.
    Local stations seem more normal. All sharks are in CNN FOX MSNBC ABC…

  • This host is a fuckface

  • Yes Ron Paul is taking on the system basically with the people and the system will fight him tooth and nail in every conceivable way and method they have at their disposal and that includes voter fraud. You can’t expect a ruthless and evil system who lies to the people to play fair do you?.

  • All I see is packed Ron Paul rallys, and mass Ron Paul and hardly any support for any other candidates other then this mainstream news telling us who the winner is, seems like fraud , its seems to look obvious. I’m starting to think our entire election process is rigged.

  • 17:35 Go Ron Paul!