Ron Paul: Hey Banksters, No More Bailouts for You

  • Ron Paul is the most genuine politician since Thomas Jefferson.


  • 15:33 “I get the point congressman.” NO!! YOU DON’T GET THE POINT YOU FUCKING MORON!!

  • The dude asking the questions obviously loves and works for the government. OMG he wants to cut off foreign aid to Israel!? How can this possibly be lol?!

  • wow this reporter is SO DAM hyper. goodness let ron paul legalize marijuana so this guy can just chill…..goodness

  • I fuckin love this man !!

  • Ron Paul is way too nice to Mitt Romney. It is kinda sad.

  • the interview is a fucking dope.

  • What’s the interviewer’s deal at the end? He looks super pissed.

  • The interviewer doesn’t understand that the government can only get money from us. The government can only “help out” or “bail out” one group at the expense of an other. The government can only help underwater home owners at their own long term expense.

  • I’m not sure I like this interviewer’s agenda here…. seems kinda shady….

  • Is it just me or is this guy kind of a dick ?

  • Wow this guy is a moron asking ron dumb ass questions time to rip him a new one on his twitter and facebook cause asking dumb ass questions thats bs

  • Is it so difficult to understand that if we want to live in such an economy, the consequences of human error and downright irresponsible economic behavior must be suffered? If the vast majority doesn’t understand the system, how are they expected to vote on it rationally?

  • I kind of think that votes are being rigged too. I have seen so many comments from people in Florida saying everyone they knew were voting for Ron Paul and also I saw that people were taking down Ron Paul signs and replacing with Newt Gingrich signs. I do not know if these claims are true but I honestly think they are.

  • The title makes him sound like the Bailout Nazi

    … which isn’t a bad thing.

  • the LVS published an online article recently saying the gold standard is crazy…what are these people trying to pull?

  • Thanks to Ron Paul we know how MSM work. And I made sure my family and friends know too!

    (funny: i didn’t look first, just were listening when writing. i was sure it was a female interviewer)

  • Who IS this lousy interview dude? He needs a serious wake up call on professional interviewing for cryin out loud. I don’t care WHO he’s interviewing, that kind of slimy, interrupting, disrepectful pack of crap he calls “questions” was horrid!

    And you sure could see the disgust in Ron Paul’s face as well.

  • dumb interview, stupid questions…
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Ron Paul is America’s last savior.