Ron Paul: I’ll Preserve Social Security and Medical Benefits for the Elderly

  • There’s no age limit for Ron Paul.


  • Haha I got the top comment cause I commented first.

  • RonPaul mudda fucccccaaaassss……!!!!!!!!!!! One word>>>>CHANGE………….. C’monnnnnn America. Hes actually won every state so far. Who gives a shit what MSM says. Hey electorals, u can run but u can’t hide. You will be exposed and all them aces u have been hiding up your sleeves. Well, say Bye Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!. Can I get An AMEN!!!!!!

  • I’m thumbing up everybody’s comments. lol

  • I think wolf likes Ronnie. He gives him decent coverage.

  • Tea Party and Occupy Movement stand united. United against the tyranny of the current authoritarian paradigm of big government Democrats vs. big government Republicans.
    End the Fed, End corporatism, cronyism and any source of corruption. End the wars both Foreign and Domestic.
    Ron Paul Revolution!

  • Wolf Blitzer …. you look so upset? Bad news for your Mockingbird overlords? You fuck!

  • I doubt I’ll live long enough to see another candidate that really does take his oath of office seriously; he is a rare one! This fifty-four year old grandmother will be voting for Ron Paul.

  • Turkey loves Ron Paul.Ron Paul attracts domestic and abroad all over the globe

  • Ron Paul attracts domestic and abroad all over the globe
    Turkey loves Ron Paul.

  • Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum need to win in Nevada to save candidacy.
    Feb 4, 2012 is Nevada’s caucus.
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  • I am Glad that Ron Paul is introducing the ideas of liberty into our consciousness.into the Universe,Ideas are Bulletproof, the powers that be ,may steal this thing again, but more and more we are waking up to the fact that we are Free and Sovereign Beings,not just in this country but the world, I dont know anyone, that doesnt wanna be free and enjoy Liberty,Im Glad That Ron Paul ran in 2008,and even more here in 2012,Ron you mean a whole helluva lot to Us,in Nov its Ron PAul or nothing.

  • I CAll him Granpa Paul, He just reminds me of my grandpa, A passionate, loyal guy that cant be bought out and stands his ground! He is also a very intelligent individual. I love the guy to be honest!

  • I live in Nevada and I won’t believe my eyes when he gets the majority in the same state that keeps electing Harry Ried. It would mean that his message truly is spreading. Go Ron keep it up please your our voice!


  • Sign him in if we have to!

  • Ron Paul is such an inspiration! Go Dr. Paul, Canada loves you.


  • paul go out the gop party..make your own party please

  • this grandmother of 4 wants ron paul in the white house 2012!!!!!!