Ron Paul: I’ll Preserve Social Security and Medical Benefits for the Elderly

  • you keep supporting ron paul but he hasnt won shit! why people sat their and letting it get rigged.




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  • “On USAID and President Ron Paul” see it from my channel because i got in video and pictures proff that he is 1000% right about foreign aid striaght from egypt..

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  • I’m 61 and Ron Paul is the only one i would vote for. He’s the only one who makes sense for the future of america. the gov’t is stealing our freedom. help us OB Ron Kenobi, you’re our only hope.

  • I am 51, my wife 49, son 18, mom 79, sister 54, brother in law 53, aunt 77, another aunt 72, uncle 81, and 4 cousins in there 40s, we are all voting for on Paul in the primary and in the general election.

  • the two dislikes are neut & romney

  • There’s a lot of people over 50 who do not know how to surf the web for the truth about Dr. Paul. They only get what main stream media tells them, which is sad. I wish more of today’s youth would help them learn to seek an alternative source of information.

  • Ron Paul would win by a landslide if people just took the time to do their own research. In 2008 the Media elected a president because people chose to believe what they said instead of fact checking for themselves. If anyone is still voting for Obama, I think they just plain refuse to accept that they made a mistake.

  • The black guy is a good, honest journalist. His CNN bosses won’t give him a raise though. That’s not what they want.

  • I have never admired anyone in my life, until I saw RP. This wise man has the features of a great leader. But the war machine is too powerful, and people have been fed with war propoganda for too long for RP to stand a chance. Even if by some miracle he would win, can you realy imagine, that “Lords of war” will kindly step aside? They are killing children and women every day, do you realy think they would spare an old grandfather, who want’s to ruin there trillion dollar investments ?

  • Life is too short and Ron Paul will get the US back on track the quickest.

  • He came out like a pro in this and while the establishment is throwing some serious weight behind Romney, a diversifying base for Paul only spells good things come debate and grassroots. Go Dr. Paul!

  • Freedom lovers for Ron Paul 2012!

  • s straight before attacking the good doctor 🙂

  • That’s because he isn’t listening to the media,he is listening to the american people instead!!!! Wolfe is such a douche.

  • The freedom message does not divide us -ron paul……young old…..any race or ethnic backgrd the freedom message is universal

  • god i love him. no homo.

  • The social security checks older citizens receive wont buy too much much longer if bernank has anything to do with it. Older folks need to see the bigger picture as well.

  • 26 year old here…. never gave a damn about politics before.. Found out about Ron Paul, and literally cannot get enough! Young, old, middle aged… How can you not support this guy?!?!?

  • Can someone link me to some good ron paul shirts I can order? Please and thankyou!