Ron Paul: I’ll Preserve Social Security and Medical Benefits for the Elderly

  • greetings from iraq all american people should vote for Ron Paul ,
    he is the only one against war !


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  • I’m an older voter and I’m for Ron Paul. I still remenber all the money wasted in Vietnam fighting commuists and now it’s the terrorists ,

    • Libertarian777

      And what did we get for all that money and 50,000 American deaths? Nothing. We lost the war. now we trade with Vietnam and they are friendly towards us, maybe we should learn from history… Bomb people and they hate you, trade with people and they friendly to you.

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  • WoW…3 “Dislikes”! 1 from Shitt, 1 from Nuke & 1 from Sanitarium!! Sorry Neo Con Losers!

  • By the way Gloria Borger is annoying!

  • May GOOD KARMA and God be with you RON!

  • He reminds me of someone you could be good friends with, and my grandpa who was a WWII veteran would hands down agree with Ron Paul if he was still around today.

  • Founding Father Material for 2012 Dr Ron Paul is the only choice !!!!!

  • Yep Ron Paul last chance for freedom or the military is coming to kill you

  • Now…..This is something woth my attention.I love to learn so much with this man.What a lecture.Very wise guy.

    My Vote goes to Ron Paul.

  • Ron Paul is the only one that has NEVER voted to use the funds for social security for other expenditures. Don’t believe me, do your homework on him, the man is absolutely amazing when it comes to having integrity.

  • Russell

    Isn’t it interesting to hear Ron Paul talking positively about Medicare benefits and Social Security. It’s an indication of how Ron Paul will roll with popular opinion when it comes to his futile attempt to win the repub nomination. Is anyone here so dimwitted to not understand that Ron Paul, given half a chance would eliminate all social programs for everyone? Is there any question remaining on how Ron Paul would eliminate ALL government?

    As Ron Paul’s young supporter age a little they will start to understand the need to preserve all that is good in America that is absolutely essential in any modern first world country. But he’s clever at the politics. He knows he has to sing the right song for the few elderly that remain as his supporters. At least until he gets the nomination. That is obviously never coming!

    I follow along with interest to see how so many middle class and poor people here have been totally buffaloed by the wealthy. When all they ever needed to do was to remember that Ron Paul is a republican and that would have told them everything they ever needed to know. Is racist hate so strong that they would sell their souls to this poser? Can they not see through the glaring lies and deception Ron Paul is trying to con them with?

    Don be sad, don’t worry, you’re going to get Romney and then you’re going to get the comeuppance you so richly deserve if you make him president.

    • Matthew

      Hmm, and what is all that is good in America? The undeclared wars, endless invasion of privacy, welfare state, failing dollar, hyperinflation, the continuous rising of taxes, etc.

      Do you understand that GOVERNMENT has created this, I don’t know how much clearer this has to be for someone like you to understand this.

      For you to insinuate that Ron Paul is dishonest just goes to show your credibility, and is pomposity parading. Tell me where in history does it show that a country that has too much freedom fails? People like you and the inevitable minority that will follow you in your ideological footsteps, NEVER want to hear the truth or face it, for denying truth makes you less of a man.

      Your last comment just shows the ignorance that you so vastly portray. What you should understand is that Romney and Obama are the same. The only person who isn’t, is Ron Paul, period. But you get all of your news from msnbc so why would you know the truth?

      • Russell

        I understand perfectly well that there is a lot in America that is rotten. I’ve never doubted that one bit and I watch from the outside because I’m Canadian. I watch with horror!

        You need to start to understand that the way to change things that are rotten for the better is not to destroy everything that reamins as good. That is how you have been conned by Ron Paul. So what I’m really saying is that Ron Paul wants to destroy all the social programs that are good and necessary in the name of his political ideology. That’s how you’ve been conned. Understand that there is no doubt in the least that Ron Paul hates any kind of social platforms that exist and are maintained by government. That’s why the headlines of this thread are a lie.

        If you are a part of the middle class then you should know that in your heart. If you are poser here and representing the wealthy then you can offer up an argument against what I say that makes some sense.

        And as I said, Ron Paul is running under the republican banner. Is there anything more you have to know about him to make you suspicious?

        In any case, it’s all for nought, Ron Paul is going nowhere in this nomination cycle. And that means he will soon disappear from the political scene. Any argument posed in his favour should take that into account.

        • Russell

          Come on now, let’s get a decent discussion going on here. I want to hear any one of you Ron Paul supporters defend him from a middle class point of view.

          I really sincerely doubt that it can be done. If any middleclasser supports Ron Paul it has to be based on a lack of understanding of how he is lying to the ordinary joe.

          And if it’s not that then it’s the racist card being played because it’s impossible to support Obams for that very reason.

          The big question is, how much of Ron Paul’s support is due to racist Dems at heart? I doubt that there are really all that many ordinary joes/janes who are taken in by the lies of the wealthy who Ron Paul really represents.

  • Greeting from Spain(im english) Go Ron Paul, the only man for the job.

  • I hope the older voters in Nevada are smarter than the ones in Florida!

  • Im 24 AND I LOVE SEX….

  • Ron Paul is the only smart man on Capitol Hill. I said it.

  • Ron Paul is the only smart man on Capitol Hill. I said it.