Ron Paul Explains Economic Liberty


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  • After listening to the Republican candidates…. How can any reasonable person even question not supporting Ron Paul? … Paul know economics, history and the causes of the issues. He has solid plans on how to deal with the issues. And you can compound those priceless characteristic with his honesty, integrity & consistency to stick to the founding principles of America. The answer is simple, armed with these insights, a reasonable person wouldn’t question his/her support for Ron Paul.

  • It’s so nice to listen to an interview in which Dr. Paul is allowed time to finish his sentences.

  • Q. How to Double Ron Paul’s votes in one week?
    A. Every RP supporter go and educate a non RP voter on why they need to vote RP.


  • did the patriot act make it a crime to criticize the fed?

  • When dr. paul speaks my IQ raises +50.

  • Brilliant!!! Another Dr. Paul video to add to my collection of favorites!! thnks.

  • I’ll be honest I don’t agree with everything Ron Paul says, but he is certainly a man of principle and would make an outstanding president. I would rather Ron Paul as president than Obama.

  • US Govt was suppose to protect us from corporate greed with the rule of law, US Constitution and property rights. Ignoring responsibility of reigning in the FED is treasonous. These corrupt politicians should be thrown in jail.

  • I totally agree with Mr. Paul..

  • The problem is that the majority of voters still makes its decision on what the tv tells them. So stop informing other people on the internet and start talking to older people. Explain them the history of Mitt and Newt, and how they will run USA again as a business, not as a country. Ron Paul has so many young voters because we search for our own information. What amazes me though is that they keep on doing it every time. Its like people forget to question the history of these candidates.

  • Excellent explanations!

  • thank you for uploading this video, it’s so refreshing to hear the truth spoken like this man can. He’s got my vote.


  • He’s against Israel and probably antisemitic, look at his racist statements. If he gets elected he will destroy USA in a year. Besides he has thrown Israel our friend under the train……

  • And before u fucks bitch and attack me I send money to Dr. Paul and I am also a private in the US armed forces. But I realized Americans are fucking stupid. And when it comes to politics white Americans are the dumbest fucks of all.

  • White americans are fucking stupid. They will not elect Dr. Paul and cry and whine and blame obama for the downfall of america. White america is the reason for this shit country. You fucks will get what you deserve. Its so great you will soon know what it feels like to be slaves. You already are slaves. But when the country goes bankrupt after Dr .Paul does not become presidents you will become TRUE SLAVES. Slaves of debt. Blame it all on white america. Fucking foooooooools.

  • Ron Paul is our version of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. please vote for him if you want to save america from its downfall Ron Paul is the Only candidate who is unbribeable, and stands for the true no matter how bad it is.

  • Why is the audio swapped? It’s confusing me lol