Ron Paul Explains Economic Liberty

  • Ron Paul even said it. Did you know you, the tax payers, are paying for other peoples unpaid student loans? That’s just one of the many things the government is shluffing off on to us. Ron Paul is the only one saying that this is bullshit, and it is!

  • GOOD LUCK you cave dwelling genocide addicted hicks. You will need it after Dr Paul does not win because of white america’s political ignorance.

  • RON PAUL the only hope of America.


  • Please win in Nevada.

  • Hicks ay? Come on brother. This is exactly why the world is fucked. Instead of being united you still view people in groups! We will never win if we keep thinking that way. Read a book and maybe you will understand it isn’t the hicks fault its every americans fault for allowing government to rape us! Ps I’m not white or a hick 🙂

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  • Right again, Go Ron Paul!!!!!

  • NEVADA BE THE FIRST STATE TO CONQUER THE ESTABLISHMENT!!! They’re playing with the vote counts, but once we reach a critical mass they wouldn’t dare. Let’s do this!!!!

  • All because they want more and more war. Oh im white I am sooooooooooo sophisticated. NO!!! You are a fool. Constantly manipulated by the elite. Fucking worthless. Yeah call me names. Say this say that. But facts are fucking facts. Go back to your caves you fucking shit scum. Good job on ruining the country due to your political ignorance.

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  • how can so many people be so blind when the answers to our problems are right here!

  • Dr. Paul is the TRUE meaning of Sage……..

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • WA for Ron Paul!

  • ☜☆☞RON PAUL☜☆☞

  • Dr. Ron Paul my Political Guru!!

  • i know that most ron paul supporters have an interest in history and can see what is wrong with our government trying to run our live.
    many of us have lost the will of patriots. NOT ME
    both romney and obama have major donations from J.P.Morgan&Co.

    We must stop them from buying are government for BS Dollars.
    we need Ron Paul or it will get worse…don’t believe anything romney or obama say. they will set up new jobs but they will all be for special interest sqeezing out compitition.

  • I’ve got Ron Paul bumper stickers/magnets on both of my cars, and a sign in the front of my house. I had my Ma and Pa put signs in front of their houses and stuff all over their cars. I even have a RP keychain and coffee mug. I’ve convinced many of my friends and neighbors to watch his videos, they’re all “converts”(deep down, everybody believes in liberty). We all donate to every moneybomb. We’re all registered and will vote in the Arizona Primary.

  • For the NAYSAYERRS: We vote for Ron Paul NOT because we think He will win. We vote for him because he is the only one who isnt making promises that no one can keep. He is the only one who isnt saying the pretty words that most voters want to hear. He is the only one without the “I’ll say anything to get elected” mindset. He is the only one who GETS IT. Send your message to Washington DC Vote for RON PAUL!

  • He’s the man for the job. Anyone know about Saliva Divinorum, dmt psylicibin? These tools are to help you see past the illusion of the life we think is so real. We create it with our senses and Ron Paul would help regulate and legalize these tools so many more people can wake up and try these things. We are all ONE. Its not cliche, its the truth.