Ron Paul Explains Economic Liberty

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  • And now santorum joined the club of Ron Paul dislikers .. that makes them 3 ROM/GIN/SAN/…3 runaway fuckers .


  • WHY is stopping all foreign aid called anti-semitism? Because the small group of corrupt Jews who run Israel has had America by the nuts for decades, and the larger population of American Jews has been knee-jerk conditioned to call anything that negatively impacts any Jew anywhere anti-semitism.

    Notice how any time one of these Ron Paul vids is posted, the “anti-semite” whiners show up. They aren’t pimple-faced kids; they’re most likely Israeli operatives, engaged in public opinion shaping.

  • Watch Ron Paul get destroyed tonight in the Nevada Caucus 🙂

  • Ron Paul is my hero! Honesty is truly inspiring!

  • I love this man

  • what is it with this bullshit question, ‘why do young people like you?’


  • God bless this man!

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • My generation are the new slaves of the world.

  • If Ron Paul were to win, he would stand against instituitions of high power. And our country has been set in a path by Neo-conservative thinking. It going to be a tough and long process to initiate change in how the US operates.

  • He is in favor of legalizing pot and prostitution.

    Problem is, in a Ron Paul America, only the rich can afford to have any hookers and pot. Everyone else is dirt poor and starving, fighting over scraps of food in a totalitarian wasteland of 50 separate Balklanized corporate fiefdoms, some of which have even brought back slavery and witch-burning.

  • Brian Shaughnessy

    [I left this comment in the Facebook line (under “Like) and I don’t know where it went besides my Facebook page. Thanks for all the Ron Paul websites and for everything you are doing.]

    We have someone in our Sunday Community who is a very nice “young” (compared to me) lady, and she is always telling us that so-and-so and so-and-so are SOOO GOOOOD! Sceptic that I am, I often wonder whether any of these people of hers are equal to her fulsome praise. In the case of Ron Paul, I will say and without the slightest doubt: “He is SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!”

  • what have americans against jews? omg omg gay rights gay rights, but jews can go to hell.. wtf is wrong with you america?!?!?

  • Either way this election is a win for the cause of Liberty. Politics will never be the same after 2012. ron Paul 2012! Rand Paul 2016!

  • Not talking about who is winning , but i really like watching your video’s. I learn a lot from you. You tell people facts and things they are not aware of or do not really think about. thank you very much

  • chispmar your the man

  • Ron needs to put the other candidates on the spot…ON STAGE!

    1. Where are the cuts! Your platform shows NO real cuts. This country won’t survive without cuts! Show me the money!!!!

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