Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight

  • It amazes me that there are still so many people out there that think the Republican party is the bastion of conservatism, when in reality it’s just as big government as the Democratic party. Is one form of big government better than another? You are talking about two major political parties that got us in 2 quagmired wars in the middle east and spent us into oblivion, plus stripped us of many of our liberties…and people still keep voting for these cock suckers thinking it will get better.

  • Ron Paul… we love you in Europe


  • It’s the same all around. If you want a news corporation trying to expose the Russian government, watch CNN. If you want the same for the U.S. government watch RT.

  • Prawda

  • Bo jako Polacy nie ufamy nic z Rosji.

  • What resources in Afghanistan there is billions of lithium but Chinese companies are buying it from the Afghan gov? What about Iraq that is why the gas prices are so very high and our economy is shit because of these wars. Why do you not criticize the Russian occupation of Chechnya or the Chinese occupation of Tibet? But when the US does something all the media jumps on it and calls them imperialist

  • I think you are just baiting me, I’m not here to argue with you, if you want a fight go to war in Afghanistan.
    Wars are started by the US to grab whatever resources they can from whatever countries they can dominate, this is fact, not just my opinion.
    Peace brother.

  • you are 100% right

  • Please provide me some evidence of this? The US is the main villain in the world by what means? We have a horrible foreign policy but what you think the wars are started just to waste civilians don’t you? I see you are quite the religious man I think religion is a huge villain in the amount of suffering it has brought to the world much more then your idiotic us claim.

  • How do you know it to be accurate if you watch RT closely they love to criticize western governments but never make stories inside Russia itself. Show me one story where they criticize Putin please