Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight

    that 1 day no man will be judged by the colour of his skin but by how much money and power he has

    –wakes up–


  • He must be a great grandpa 🙂

  • God sheep will listen to their TV God and believe what they say is real. Piers stated that ron paul is fourth, but he is actually 2nd. What happened to Gingrich not campaigning in Nevada? I swear I am so sick of this country.


  • ron paul will win

  • 21:44

  • Yeah let British kids die for Israel. Seriously these people just want to carry the burden for everything while they prosper and our people suffer.

    Americans need to come first not anyone else. Iran is absolutely no threat to us so why should we care. America really needs Ron Paul desperately, or will not last long

  • 21:47 i think even they would own u piers 😀

  • Shouldn’t America be the policemen of the world? NO

  • I’m 5 minutes into this. Why in the world is Piers Morgan asking about Ron’s eating habits and not policy issues?

  • Pierce morgan is a Fuckin tard

  • give rommney a fish and they will flip flop on each other

  • give a man a fish and he eats for a dy.
    give a man a fishing rod and he eats for life.

  • WHY did the US take Morgan, we got rid of him because we was actually one of the most hated people in the UK. And you guys took him and gave him a show!!! why oh why oh why.

  • Stop cutting him off Piers!!!! i’m listening!!! asshole!

  • Best moment was when he asked why all the British kids don’t go to Iran and die.


  • We Brits hate Piers Morgan too

  • You can get anyone to give Paul is fair chance. All they do is try to tear him down.

  • I disagree with Ron Paul on health care. I live in Britain and the health care is brilliant and FREE.

    • Sava

      What do you mean free? You are taxed for it. People who don’t use it are taxed for it. People who are treated brilliantly and horribly by it (probably just depending on your location) are all paying the same rates for it (but the wealthy probably have better options).

      When the government takes money from people to provide a service, it isn’t free and it isn’t liberty. The more localized government is the stronger communities and individuals can become.

  • all these “news” people do is get on air and put down the people they do not like and build up people they do like…there is ZERO non-bias reporting anywhere to be found on Main Stream Media “news” outlets in the U.S.A….How can you interview someone and not even let them answer the question you ask, just because you do not like the answers…CNN is and this Morgan are pure ridiculousness and bad as that SPIN ZONE of FOX…