Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight

  • man that interview Ron Paul just did on Pierce Morgan up til talking about abortions (then Ron Paul did all the talking) was awesome! wait a second…. wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around???

  • Piers Morgan is absolute scum.

  • Yes, Piers is an idiot. Here we get the chance to listen to a one on one with Ron Paul and Piers can’t even ask an intelligent question? Vote Dr. Ron Paul, Save America by Saving her Republic, let him help us restore the rule of law. Impeach/bring to trial before jury of their peers current corruption network in DC. Vote Ron Paul 2012.


  • I was really anoyed with him with all those Israel questions. This is not the united states of Israel. Tell him to go fight for Israel. Why should Americans die for that country. Let them handle their own problems.

  • Piers is always interrupting, he is so annoying…

  • jews are evil, and when you tell people that and they say, WE CAN NOT TALK OR DISCUSS THIS ISSUE,. those people have to be killed. Jews by definition are the very purest definition of evil. most people will not talk about it, they must be killed.

  • Morgan is an idiot. He interrupts everything everyone says. No wonder his ratings are shit.

  • Dr.Paul, the only candidate that predicted our current economic crisis and warned of a deeply flawed foregin policy.

  • Ron Paul truly is one of the great men of our times, It still staggers me that the majority of Americans are going to pass over this opportunity.

  • It’s so obvious these shill reporters can only hear what they want to hear, no matter how Ron Paul buts his point of view, they regurgitate their biased BS. Ron Paul 2012

  • Ron paul killed again! Haha, you go man

  • I honestly would take a bullet for this guy……Ron Paul 2012

  • Well if we count his run in 08 as the first rocky then this run is the second film so he’ll win

    because apollo won in the first film.


  • isreal is trouble makers f em if they dont want to play nice with their neighbors one of them will put them in time out

  • Wow, didn’t realize how much of an idiot Piers Morgan was till this.

  • Yes we can let that happen, Israel can handle Iran period. Wake up America.

  • so I am assuming that Piers is a Zionist? He was against the war with Iraq, but when it comes to Israel he says attack Iran? Does that Goy know what Israel really thinks of us?

  • Ron never said life did not begin at conception. Piers Morgan makes me sick he is trying to twist anything possible.