Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight

  • This interview is an excellent example of how the establishment misrepresents Mr Paul’s constitutional positions. They won’t acknowledge the simp[le fact that he doesn’t care about speaking flattering words, or being personally “impressive” to the foolish people that are primarily superficial about there prefrences. The neocon’s do the exact same thing that Mr Morgan does here. Neither Rush, Levin, Coulter, Beck, Fox, Malkin, Teocon’s, and the like, have been honest about Mr Paul.

  • It aint just the young ppl God bless them though. But IM an older man, and have supported this man for years, and will continue. RON PAUL or nothing at all!!!!


  • It amazing how you’re unable to state the truth without having it twisted to mean you’re “defending” something you’re not.

  • Fucking Piers Morgan how can u be so ignorant I dont get it

  • That kind of work ethic won’t get you anywhere today! People just see it as an attack on their worthless job and will stop at nothing to make damn sure that you will not succeed because they are pathetic little fucks that won’t amount to shit and can’t stand to see someone else excel!

  • Woo Hoo, Home run: “Honest bailouts don’t break contracts. Government should be the protector of contracts. If a criminal robbed a bank and it worked you don’t say oh good, look it worked.”

  • How many times can you interrupt someone when they’re answering your questions and still consider yourself a journalist? Piers is full of s**t.

  • Piers Morgan is a stuck-up prick

  • He won’t stop interrupting

  • What do you expect from Piers Morgan. The guy grew up in a dictatorship country brainwashed to love government intervention.

  • Ron Paul’s compassion on health care, is greater then Mitt Romney’s compassion on the poor! Don’t be conned by the insider republican globalists!

  • Piers Morgan who was against the Iraq war, is now keen to attack Iran? Shameful.

  • 6500lbs. of yellow cake mix contains enough urainum to build a nuke. Its to easy to make a nuke to prevent it. were not dealing with thinkers here.

  • why would this british fagg know more than ron? this shit bag has no class for being so uptight, and has no journalist skills the poor idiot has zero follow up skills he just goes down the list of questions . this fool just like to talk, his show is about him and how he sees things, witch actually would be giving him way too much credit, we all know he was probably handed a list of questions and list of subject to avoid, come on piers suck on that corporate cock! u love it, you spineless bitch!

  • Love ron Paul. Screw Morgan

  • I would give anything just to shake Ron Paul’s hand just once!! What a guy! I feel we will never get another guy who is running for president again who is so honest, and true to his word. Not to mention that he has been fighting big government and the washington machine for 30 years just to protect our feedom and liberty! I really dont understand WHY people cant understand Ron Paul’s simple message??? FREEDOM, AND THE CONSTITUTION!!! Thats all, nothing more, nothing less! Ron Paul 2012!

  • The interruptions are intended to disrupt the thought process, and allows the interviewer to steer the interview. A classic case of Infotainment as opposed to journalism. Some good points were covered, although Mr. Morgan’s style confused me on many occasions around the middle of interview.

  • if you look really hard at piers you can see the strings!

  • Conventional wisdom is that conception does not begin at Ejaculation, but somewhere between 8-72 hours after Ej. Then there is a 6-10 days before the cell mass attaches to the host (mother).
    If a pig could slither, it would be called a Piers Morgan.

  • What a bad interviewer Peirs Morgan you didnt really inturupt much when he was talking about abortion did you every thing else you hardly let Ron speak.