Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight

  • Ron Paul’s like a good book: You need to read him to the end to form a fair opinion.


  • 10:05 for the censorship.

  • IM BRITISH and i want to kill piers.

  • Piers is a Big Media puppet gimp… loading questions with bullsh*t…. and Ron Paul is a wolf in a shepherds clothing… Whether Republican or Democrat the controlling 1% will screw over the 99% … Uncle Ron is a great actor playing to popular sentiment. I am old enough and jaded enough to not trust anyone these days.
    If they don’t take a clear stand on the truth of 9/11 then they are puppets/liars.

    And piers pushing for war in Iran, disgusting warmongering scum.

  • This is supposed to be an interview? He interrupts with stupid comments every 2 seconds.

  • Piers Morgan is an ass, plain and simple. 25:34
    Opinion based completely on ignorance and lies.

  • wow, piers needs to shut up and listen for a second.. STOP INTERRUPTING!

  • 18:15 – 19:04 = Liberal ass getting owned.

  • I GOT AN ORGASM WATCHING THIS…especially from 22:00 onward…Yeah thats right, Israel is more than capable of fighting its own wars….shame on u if u feel u have to sacrifice ur soldiers for the sake of the ZIONIST REGIME!

  • Morgans just constantly attack Ron Paul with BS, he’s such a cunt im supprised hes got work in America

  • Piers Morgan is such a douche

  • Ron Paul is our next chance to change the way we do business, lets work on America for the next 4 years, he is in the BEST POSITION to put us back on solid ground….Ron Paul for President of OUR United States!

  • Funny how we can’t get more than 50% of the registered taxpayers to vote yet we get 100% to complain when its all over…..let’s get back on track and actually stand up front, not behind the cardboard cut-outs.

  • Honestly, Americans don’t like Old or Non GQ looking candidates. So as a country are we now so superficial that we ignore the true dark sides of the others just to put on that phoney “All is well” smile and wave the flag? Being politically correct is out, but now its finding the true side of American support in that direction that will be our most daunting task.

  • Then there is Santorum, who is the target of both Romney and Gingrich. So much attention if you act like an Ahole. But be a doctor who served his country when called, pay your taxes, live by the constitution and stay in touch with your home state and celebrate your 50th plus wedding anniversary and get no respect for that? Excuse me selfish wealthy business owners and young self egotistical trust fund babies that Ron Paul is not the GQ look that some others may display.

  • When we support Gingrich who was asked to “Resign from office” due to ethics committee violations and then support the way Romney has made his fortune at others expense and when his tax records are exposed show a deeper more secretive side….Im not sure we are who we used to be.

  • Once again the true blue, no skeletons in his closet seems to be left out of the limelight. The media still will not recognize he is even in the race. Win, place or show he will always be the last person discussed. Why is that? Im sure that the outside nations are scratching their heads wondering where our morals and values are going?

  • What position is Ron Paul really in?

  • Ron Paul has lost every Primary and Caucus. It is time for Ron Paul to quit, give his support to Mitt Romney and shut the hell up. Ron Paul is a retard that is a coward and nut job. Mitt Romney is a American hero. Mitt is a good Mormon and very wealthy. Ron Paul is jealous of Mitt’s good looks and power. Vote for Mitt 2012.

  • funny 32:50 piers the socialist geek has a brain fart .