Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight

  • 1st Iran is a 3rd world country and I refuse to believe that those cave men playing with sticks are capable of building a nuclear weapon

    2nd Israel Agrees with Ron Paul

    3rd we’ve had nuclear technology since the 1980’s back when it was top secret stuff its old news you’re kidding yourself if you think we haven’t moved on to bigger and better things that are currently top secret


  • i follow him because he is not a corrupted, war mongering, anti-american, global elitist like 99% of all politicians

  • What’s good about the dumb questions like Iran and so forth is that it clears up the issues. Don’t know if Morgan really feels that way or he’s just echoing other people but it’s good to get to the bottom of the issues instead of letting it carry on as misunderstood and incorrect.

  • Piers Morgan is a joke

  • Piers Morgan is a joke

  • Piers Morgan talks too much nonsense. On another note, Ron Paul supporters should be given a chance to get Ron Paul’s autograph. lol.

  • Ron Paul is a DOUCHEBAG!! He´s just another George Bush, that´s why Americans are not falling for his bullshit! Mitt Romney is the only one who can bring real change to America.
    Mitt Romney 2012!!

  • Ron Paul is so important to this world .. he needs to be heard and understood ..

  • let the british boys go and die LOLOLOLOOLOLOL
    how hard is to understand Ron Paul
    it is common sense

  • I never knew that piers morgan was such a socialist moron

  • I think that this man is the only hope for America

  • Piers Morgan can suck my fucking dick. Standard worthless reporter who doesn’t know shit about anything, pretends to know, and then makes everyone else (the gullible americans) believe what he is saying is true.

    Worthless piece of shit.

  • Ron Paul : Called By Many The Champion Of The Constitution / And Understands Many Portions Have Already Been Eradicated
    Ron Paul : Understands Founding Fathers Believed The Role Of Government Was To Protect Liberty
    Ron Paul : Understands Governments Power Should Not Be In Washington DC – It Should Be At The State Level
    Ron Paul : Pro Life (Wants To Over Turn Rowe vs Wade)

  • Ron Paul : Understands Austrian Economics And How Markets Work, And Predicted High Unemployment And Erosion Of Middle Class
    Ron Paul : Believes In Sound Money And Getting Rid Of The Federal Reserve, So Our Politicians Don’t Have A Blank Check To Ruin The Dollar
    Ron Paul : Understands That The Federal Reserve Allows The Government To Burden Us With An Inflation Tax, By Printing Money Because They Can’t Raise Taxes To Pay For All Their Bologna

  • Ron Paul : Married 55 Years To The Same Woman
    Ron Paul : Delivered Over 4,000 Babies
    Ron Paul : Was Endorsed By Ronald Reagan
    “Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.”
    Ron Paul : Believer In Our Constitution, The Same Constitution That Helped Create The First 5,000 Year Leap In Innovation

  • Ron Paul : Won’t Accept More Than $40k Per Year For Presidential Salary
    Ron Paul : Predicted The Housing Crisis And Financial Crises Far Before It Occured
    Ron Paul : Only Candidate Seriously Interested In Cutting Spending – 1 Trillion Per Year To Balance The Budget
    (sounds extreme, but thats how bad we’ve let things become)
    Ron Paul : In 1985 Ron Said Israel Should Not Be Condemned For Protecting Themselves – While 95% of Others Condemned Israel

  • Piers is a Bafoon, he is a joke for a journalist, ask loaded questions and when you dont like the response change the usbject as quickly as possible, this guy is an incredible douche and I urge everyone to write CNN, and boycott his show.

  • I wish CNN wasn’t so obviously subjective. I remember what people’s thoughts were about Iraq before we went. [War with Iraq=good] was instantly manufactured and people supported that war, and after no nukes were found, there wasn’t like this big “wow we were wrong!” attitude towards war after that. People do have short memories. Maybe it’s time to just face the facts of nature and say to ourselves that our mark as a nation on this planet is simply one of warmongering; nothing else.

  • END THE FEDERAL RESERVE. Stop printing money & debasing our currency. Get corporations OUT of our politics. No more BAILOUTS. No more SELL-OUTS.
    Do your research because even if you think politics aren’t important, NEWSFLASH. They are & they shape our future as we know it. TAKE PRIDE in our country & fight for whats right.
    RON PAUL 2012

  • It’s pretty hard to sound like a dumbass with a posh british accent, but piers does it quite expertly.