Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight

  • Even though Morgan just had a box of Krispy Kremes before the interview, Paul still gave him some useful workout tips. It says a lot about Paul and his willingness to give every pompous idiot a chance to interrogate..err interview him.

  • If a candidate cant yet fight against the conspiracy theories of 9/11, presidents will continue to be corrupt,,,,

  • Piers get out of US!!!!

  • is not about presidents anymoew is aboutthe people who who control them..

  • piers morgan asks a question, then when ron paul starts to answer or answers have of it he starts a new question and likes to here himself talk.

    seriously i would love someone to count what percentage ron paul is talking vs. peirs morgan.

  • The social media and alternative media has had a huge impact on Ron Pauls popularity.
    The mainstream news programs are very biased and once you realise this it’s very obvious.
    I believe Ron Paul will probably win the presidency because its starting to become so apparent that the entire system is corrupt and the only way to stop the corruption in Washington is to elect someone like Ron Paul.

  • I dont agree with alot of Ron pauls so called values, doesn’t make any difference who gets in anyway, the U.S. is one big Joke now

  • If you love Ron Paul you must hear Danny Fingers and the Thumbs song “Congress man”


  • Ron Paul is an avid bike rider..

  • your fans in sub sahara africa is growing. I wish we could also vote! for me its not about democrat or republican…but intergrity…

    ‘speek the truth and the truth will set you free’

  • Goodness me. I wish Piers Morgan would stop constantly interrupting. For one, it’s just rude. I know he has a show to run, and time limits, but he really ought to go about it all better. For another thing, we aren’t all here to listen to Piers. A little less Piers, a little more Ron.

  • Yea I just got told. haha dumbass
    19:08 – 19:11

  • Ron Paul 🙂 this guy is amazing! He’s going to take down the globalists of the new world order! Ron Paul is the last chance for America to wake up before its too late! Please everyone go watch some videos of Alex jones, go read facts about things. Ron Paul 2012!!

  • First time I ever seen Piers Morgan get owned! lol

  • Please do not vote for Ron Paul or any libertarian. He will take down our government. Big government certainly has its problems, but we cannot forget the great things we do with government. Look at the NIH, for example- a government agency which is responsible for 28% of all biomedical research going on in this country. They are the ones that discovered fluoride for toothpaste. If we de-fund departments like that, we’ll very likely be depriving ourselves of future cures.

  • Sorry for asking this, but aside from Paul being the most honest politician out there with interests to protect our freedom, what makes him so attractive? I hope that asking this doesn’t backfire on me..

  • 19:35 RON PAUL WAS SEXY!

  • I live in Canada. I am waiting 11 months to see a specialist for the 1st appointment. We have access to a waiting list in my country, not access to healthcare. In Canada, I can spend unlimited money on alcohol, cigarettes, gambling and prostitution, but I am prohibitied from spending my money on private market healthcare. People think Canadians are compassionate. I think Canadians are selfish assholes who like to control their countrymen.

  • What qualifies this idiot brit. to be in the media and interrupt a man of 100x caliber than he will ever be? Go back to American idol you rude prick.

  • RonPaulRonPaul____RonPaulRonPa­­­­­ul____RonPaul____RonPaulRo­n­P­a­u­l