Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight

  • Ron Paul has some dangerous ideas lol


  • One of the worst interviewers I’ve ever seen. Jumping from topic to topic that have no relation to one another is idiotic. It seems he’s trying to confuse Paul (he doesn’t).

  • They always try to trap him with Israel

  • “Everything we said about IRAN we said about IRAQ and all we said about IRAQ was lies” RON PAUL just won my vote. RON PAUL 2012

  • Piers Morgan is absolutely ignorant and clueless. He is part of what’s wrong with this country. Ron Paul 2012

  • Lets kill the jews and vote for Paul !

  • piers morgan is a paid media whore. gone are the days of him being an impartial news editor on the uk.

  • It really pisses me off when reporters cut him off, when he starts to make them look stupid.

  • media asks him tough questions thinking that they can drop him out of race.but by asking these questions they r making RON PAUL famous n his message is spreading like wildfire.he answers comfortably n even has no slip of tongue.this man can really bring a country from shackles of debt to reign of prosperity.100%.see the hosts they want to get him trapped at any cost to become millionare.tough luck n never possible seeing that man’s energy n principles.RON PAUL 2012……go for it…….

  • We know Peirs likes to get spanked. lol

  • It’s great to know we have another 3 generations of Pauls coming through. haha

  • I love when Ron Paul said why don’t we let all the British kids go over and die! So true, always leave it to the Americans to go and get killed in needless wars!

  • Young people shmung people. It takes dead people to sway an election.

  • “If a criminal robs a bank & it works, you don’t justify the robbing of the bank”

    Pure gold. That stopped Morgan in his tracks. Even raised a wry smile.

  • Hypothetically Piers could you ever stop being such a cunt?

  • Fuck piers Morgan. Boycott CNN and the other similar news corp. This interview was bullshit.

  • Fuck Piers Morgan!

  • Someone should spank the shit outta Piers Morgan with a 2×4.

  • the only intellignet question he asked “what was the difference between pearl harbor and 9/11”. Well done Piers, you got it, nothing -both false flags.

  • Goddamn I had no idea Piers Morgan was so ignorant. Corporate media puppet. This was something I looked forward to seeing the good Doctor on TV. Piers is fundamentally incapable of seeing anything outside the socialist leaning policies he has a blind devotion for.