Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight

  • Piers Morgan is a cunt.

  • I never watch Morgan because he is an idiot. I watched this episode only because Ron Paul was on. My conclusion is this: Piers you are still an idiot & Ron you are a genius and the only man worthy of the oval office. Morgan if you are going to ask a question let the person respond before you ask another.


  • The people don’t want you Ron. SORRY!

  • I don’t want Ron running my country, but if he got in and actually managed to implement his beliefs, I figure the following election we’d actually have a real functional democracy. So just for this I hope he gets in.

  • 12:00 I want to shove my fist up Morgan’s ass. He is SO full of shit, he needs a root canal. Paul tells him we created 200,000 jobs but lost 1.2 million meaning a million jobs were lost NOT gained. Obama Admin fudged the numbers. Unemployment is 11% not 8% due to uncounted millions dropping out of the workforce ergo not being counted. Piers slimes out this reply: “If REPUBLICANS keep DUMPING on,” the kicker “WHAT LOOK LIKE GOOD #’S” it will negatively impact the effectiveness of the bullshit lie

  • sod ytibe

  • There are clues. The underliing system never changes

  • Woop. I find im being censored ….

  • Watch. you promote democracy whilst denouncing it. Depending who your best interestst lay. America is dead. Long live the constitution …

  • Ron Paul is not the underdog.. He is the only viable option for peace and prosperity in america and beyond

  • Oh please god(Atheist) GET HIM IN. …

  • And Pierce Morgan is a RAT!

  • The only candidate with inregrity.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a puppet WITHOUT strings this time…

  • ron paul can’t help but to reject reality. He’s invested in his libertarian philosophy that just can’t deal with the reality of climate change. Future generations will suffer if we don’t curb and untimately reduce our global emissions. This is a fact. But paul rejects this reality. He doesn’t think governments should get involved in the “free” market. Sorry ron but the “free” market doesn’t take long-term consequences into consideration. Those that come after deserve more consideration!

  • Piers Morgan is the worst interviewer ever. If you ask a question, let the person to whom you posed that question answer it … without cutting him off mid-sentence which he consistently does throughout this interview.

  • ron paul’s essential denial of climate change is a rejection of science, a rejection of reality. We don’t need leaders that would put future generations at risk especially when the scientific evidence of those risks are well known. No thanks ron! I’ll vote for the only Progressive running, the only candidate that isn’t afraid to confront the vested interests about climate change. We need to change the ways we generate and use energy or suffer the consequences. Reality check ron!

  • I didnt realize Piers is just another goon for the neo-cons…..Amazing

  • Outrageous….Thank you Ron Paul, let the British send their young men and women to die fighting Iran for no reason that is a direct threat to our country.
    Another chicken hawk…this Piers Morgan fellow.

  • I wish they showed Morgan’s face when Ron said “let the British kids go over there and die”. Classic RON baby

  • Its not just being Loud, its being PROUD, thats why you see Ron Paul supporters everywhere, thats why you find us anoying, listen to what he says, and has been saying, can you say that about who you support, with such conviction?