Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight

  • Ron Paul owned Piers, especially on the auto bailout issue… Loved it.


  • What a terrible interviewer and format.

  • “In Ron Paul I trust”…

  • Somebody Call ICE… Piers needs to be deported.


  • If we really want to be honest and worry about nuclear weapons why dont we attack china they are supporting iran makes no sence to me

  • If Iran was sooo bent on destroying Israel and America, why wouldn’t they just use chemical and biological warfare which is easier to get,easier to deploy, and it’s waaayy cheaper… not to mention potentially ten times more destructive…or why wouldn’t they just get their hands on an old soviet nuke instead of spending all this time, and money, and all the political pressure and sanctions to make their own… They got him scared of them, that’s exactly what they want.. just like all the others

  • 23:10 to 23:22 so there you have it.. attacking first is what dictator’s do

  • Brits tend to have more class in questioning than their American counterparts

  • Ron tells the truth and corrects Ahmadinejad’s translation and Morgan asks, “You’re not seriously defending Ahmadinejad are you?” Ron handle it well though. I would have exploded on Piers if he would have pulled that crap on me.
    I guess telling the truth is defending our enemies. Everyone must lie. It’s the patriotic thing to do.

  • (CNN Piers Morgan)… Asked Ron Paul 2012 If you had Intelligence that the pearl harbor attack was coming would you attack first..Ron Paul NEVER answered…So that tell’s me if iran had a Nuke and Ron Paul had Intelligence of iran planing a nuclear attack Ron Paul would not attack first

  • The rape comment pissed me off

  • I have watched thousands of hours of Ron paul and read all his books – and had a great awakening. I love rp

  • Yay Ron Paul!! Boo piers morgan.

  • Defending Iran. The true colors of Ron Paul.

    • Goodness Makalela

      Defending the truth is different from simply defending Iran. Maybe so in your ridiculous world of illogic.

  • Defending Iran. The true colors of Ron Paul.

  • “There is little evidence that raising taxation for the very rich ever destroys an economy.”
    Great point, Piers! At the moment, the system tends to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Who should prevent a class society with minimal social mobility if not the government? Also, you can’t let the poor just die, if they are seriously ill.
    I agree with Paul’s opionion on funding banks, corporations and the military industrial complex, though.

  • rp2012

  • Piers Morgan is such a fucking socialist moron. Ur there to interview someone and let them speak, not to interrupt them every second.

  • WTF?! I had no idea Morgan was such an evil person. How can you conduct and interview like that and sleep at night? He’s a thug!