Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight

  • We don’t need bullshit positivity, Piers, we need the cold, hard truth!

  • bring larry king back

  • 16:35 Lol Piers the idiot! Yes part of the problem WAS THAT POOR PEOPLE BOUGHT HOUSES! How the hell is a sub-prime mortgage a scam? How the fuck do you not read fine print and details about the biggest purchase you will ever make in your life. Piers stop standing up for fucking idiots and delinquents of a society.

  • How can people listen to this man and not vote for him? Ugh.

  • This exactly why I’m voting RON PAUL…Common Sense isn’t so common anymore
    Ron Paul” Why doesn’t the British defend Israel? Let all the British kids go over there and die instead of the American kids”

    Why does the US sacrifice our children to defend all these other Countries. I’m sure Piers wouldn’t send his kids to defend Israel if they could get killed but he acts all High & Mighty to put the US soldiers in harms way. What a hypocrite Piers is

  • Ron Paul a true American. A true Gentleman, a true Republican, and would be a true President. He would do a better job than all 44 presidents put together without a shadow of doubt. Great interview by P.Morgan, he didn’t act like a mainstream media puppet. Obviously some may think that a few questions were pointless and irrelevant but Ron Paul answered everyone perfectly like he always does. Good job PRESIDENT to be.
    Vote Ron Paul 2012.


  • Thats why they dont want him in they wont be able to use him as a puppet

  • LOL! 18:30 Ron Paul totally exposes Piers Morgan for being a protector of criminals!

    NIce! Nice! NIce!

  • Ron Paul 2012!
    Spread the word to the sheeple!

  • Piers was being a d bag and got rocked by ron paul

  • Wow! 16:20 Piers Morgan is an idiot and a half!

    No education Piers? No common sense?

    Oh, that’s right you’re just a frick’n puppet… K, I get it.

    Piers Morgan, you should retire and become a farmer!
    At least in that profession you’ll be working with your peers:
    Cucumbers, carrots, potatoes etc.

  • 14:40 Ron Paul’s immitation on Mitt Money… Romney excuse me.

  • If Warren Buffet wants to help the poor he needs to go do it directly not run the money through the government that never really helps anyone. What is wrong with taxing to help the poor is that then it is forced and becomes a redistribution of wealth and the poor become dependent on the gov’t. Ron Paul is the candidate that is truly for the people all the people. The good Doctor has the right prescription for what ails America.

  • 25:43 “Let those British kids go die for Israel!” BRILLIANT!! Israel has 200 nukes, why should the Americans throw their kids on Iranian bayonets?!! If the Zionists wanna go bully their neighbors, why are we on the hook to save their arrogant asses?

  • I think Morgan actually has either a hearing problem or an ability to comprehend conversations problem. just seems that he asks the same over and over without the ability to accept and understand the answer.

  • Piers interrupts way too much. Let the man speak. Especially when he was talking about the mistranslation regarding Iran, Piers interrupts and says “You’re not really defending him are you?” No he’s telling the truth for once. Stfu and listen.

  • Eastasia- Iraq
    Eurasia- Iran

  • im so glad they cut off the beginning line of the intro! i like piers as an interviewer because his accent is sweet but this was a terrible interview on piers part

  • We’re a nation of slaves to the crown. They play us like a fiddle.

    If a criminal robs a bank and it works….. lmao

    Yes, send the British kids over there to die. I love that one.

    I rarely have to use force with my kids. When I do, I follow it up with a sincere discussion about how the real force was them forcing me to take forceful action to prevent them from making an even bigger mistake than using force to accomplish something.

  • I think it’s pretty telling of at lest one of the intended purposes of this interview that they flashed the “PAUL I’VE CHANGED MY VIEWS” for such a long time and other the top of 4 completely different topics:

    CNN, what frauds!