Ron Paul’s Message to Nevada

  • mitt romney is a fag i hate him so much he only says what people want to hear hes just like obama and buch fucking disgraceful ron paul is the only one that speaks from his heart and he can bring us out of the bottomless pit obama and bush rammed us into. VOTE RON PAUL!!!!!!

  • So is this guy legalizing weed or what??

    • Jim Brown

      Only if he wins. Better get people to vote for him.

  • If Obama, Romney or Gingrich win ….buy food, gold and guns because we’re gonna have 2 options here: Revolution or a civil war. Prepare yourselves, ppl!!


  • Valentin

    Lets go with your predictions. Romney wins the nomination, Obama wins a second term, the dollar is destroyed, the US economy falls, then Europe, then Canada… Come clean troll, you are no Canadian. And if you are, research economics, history, international relations, the domino effect which will take Canada with the US. Since you either won’t do that, or alternatively will but since you obviously have no perliminary knowledge at all on those subjects, it will take you atleast a year of intensive reading, go and don’t come back troll.

    • Russell

      You got it right on the US economy being destroyed and taking down Canada with it. The rest is just wishful thinking.

      Look, first of all Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance. Get that through your murican noggin. Then choose from what is left. My bet is that Romney won’t bring the american economy down but he will put more wealth into the hands of the very wealthy. With that kind of strategy your country can continue to exist. You figure it out with Obama now.

      You ron paul supporters are such shallow louts. It’s always, if Ron Paul doesn’t win then it’s doom. That’s wishful thinking. It’s also lack of any thinking of what would happen if any of Ron Paul’s daydreams became reality. Thank dog we will never have to worry about that.
      So what do you do now? Get out your guns?

      • SmallTownLibertarian

        You’re probably right Russell, Dr. Paul will most likely not win, we can thank the lack of media coverage and the neoconservative machine for that. That said, being the young conservative that I am, I can see that the youth of this nation is moving away from the neoconservative right and more towards fundamental libertarian conservative views. Romney will probably do exactly what you say and further perpetuate the neoconservative religious right agenda, facilitating social issues and wasting much more of my money.
        Congressman Dr. Paul may not win per se, but he is definitely developing a movement, which I feel is gaining ground among young conservatives throughout this country. We’re sick of hearing about social issues and we’re tired of frivolous federalism. Stay out of my bedroom, stay out of my bank account, and as long as my friend works for a living and pays taxes, he should be allowed to a little pot every now and then. Russell, if you are Canadian, why are you commenting here? I agree, you probably are a troll, thus I acknowledge you’re remarks in the same manner that I regard Obama’s time in the Presidency, pointless.

        • Russell

          Right on some points, dead wrong on others. The media coverage, or lack of, has little to do with Ron Paul’s lack of success. If his agenda was a populist agenda then the media would have to adapt to it and accept it. It’s not.

          Right on Romney and what he will do to hurt the middle class and the poor.

          Right that the libertarian agenda has increased it’s support.

          Wrong that it will ever be a populist movement that could win elections. It’s just not a workable solution for many reasons of which you should be aware because you seem quite clever. Why not examine his proposals more carefully. Perhaps a very modified version of libertarianism with the extremist taken out will become fashionable some time in the future. I will not and could not ever be what Ron Paul is pushing for.

          Wrong that I’m not a Canadian. The troll label doesn’t even phase me because it only means that we differ in politics. Nothing more.

          Under the circumstances with the repub congress’s destructive approach to politics, if Obama has accomplished anything then he would have to rank right up there with the best of your presidents.

          I predict that you will get Obama care or the same under Romney’s name but it for sure you will get one or another. It’ll be the best thing that ever happened to the ordinary joe middle class. No clever young fellow like you could help to start to understand that eventually.

          And then after you get it your country will take it’s place among the other civilized first world countries of the world. Then your people will no longer have to live in fear of medical bills and bankrupcy. And you’ll never ever look back.

          Ron Paul will never give you that and for that reason Ron Paul offers you enslavement to the system and pretends it’s freedom.

      • Valentin

        Why don’t you read my replies to your older posts here, from which I’ve learned you are a canadian, and in them you will read that I am from ISRAEL not the US, so like you I am not voting, and you should stop telling me how to vote. That said, and adding that I am not one of those leftist israelies, and that I served in a combat unit in our military, I SUPPORT RON PAUL! That said, if you just stop trolling on a Ron Paul site, and go learn a thing or two, you would see why that is.

        You ARE a troll because you a) talk against Ron Paul on a Ron Paul website, but that is not enough to constitute you a troll, so you b) deliver “predictions” and not reasons for your thinking. From these two observations I can clearly see that you don’t understand the issues and just decided to troll around.

      • Valentin

        After taking a look at the older posts, I see that you don’t believe me in saying that I am from Israel, and let me quote you: “another poser, Israelies don’t support Ron Paul.” You could come and tell me I am a poser to my face, but being the troll that you are you will never have the nerve even if a long long flight and a huge ocean didn’t seperate us. So I will address the other half of that quote: are you 10 years old? You seem to have the mental capabilities of one, since at about 10 kids start generalizing. The brighter ones, the ones you probably bully now in school and will envy in some 20 years, learn that most generalizations are plain wrong. those same brighter ones, not the anti-semites that I bashed against in other places at this site (for being ignorant and harmful to Ron Paul’s campaign), but those same brighter ones, that actually learn something in their life, which you won’t do in some 20 years, they actually understand what Ron Paul is saying, investigate the issues on their own, and decide on their own. All things considered, China with it’s economy (and I am studying east asian studies in the Tel-Aviv university so I know a thing or two about China) and the US with the destruction of the dollar, all of Ron Paul’s grim predictions WILL happen, so it is infact a Ron Paul or doom choice. And trust me those like you who can’t see past their own nose, want to keep things as they are, but those of us who know the past can avoid past mistakes. Nothing good will happen to Israel if the dollar is destroyed and the US folds like the Soviet Union, so there are plenty of reasons for smart israelies to support Ron Paul

        • Russell

          How come you can’t even spell “Israelis” right?

        • Valentin

          Because I am not a native English speaker? … moron…

        • Valentin

          Maybe because I am not a native English speaker? … You’re not even a successful troll…

  • Looks like they (media) would rather had Obama than Ron Paul :\

    • Lucius

      Ofcourse, they want Obama or Romney, it doesn’t matter, Goldman Sachs is Goldman Sachs, either way zionists will control the US.

  • I would trade in democracy for Ron Paul

  • christopher august

    i wish every nation could have a Ron Paul!!!!

    • Russell

      We’ve had a few in Canada but we learned to bait our rat traps with the stuff that attracts them. Racist hate. Even so, we still fight the plague.

  • Ron Paul is going for Gold in the Silver State. LOL!

  • Don’t be discouraged guys, We are growing. We won’t Vote for any of the sell outs. We have these scumbags by the throat. It’s Obama or Ron, we already made our choice.

    StateTOT(2008 – 2012) – (Ron #’s 08-12)
    IA(119,188 – 122,255) – (11,841 – 26,219)
    NH(234,851 – 248,448) – (18,308 – 56,872)
    SC(445,677 – 603,856) – (16,155 – 78,362)
    FL(1,949,498 – 1,672,352) – (62,887 – 117,410)

    If Ron’s numbers keep up he should get around 38.48% of the vote in Nevada.

    NV(44,324 – 47608) – (6,087 – 18,319)

  • Ron Paul or None At All.

  • Vote for Ron Paul! ore vote for WW3!

  • The biggest enemy to the Paultard is reality. They lack self-awareness, which is why they still think they can win. Anything you can do to explain how out of touch they are is a good thing. They assume that everyone else sees them as Galileo, rather than as the new LaRouche.

  • Who were the 2 dislikes? Statist puppets?

  • NV is big on Ron Paul so when I saw Mittens won NV? I was shocked.
    For those voting for a ‘pretty’ POTUS, you are ignorant and destroying our country!
    I changed parties to vote for Paul and will write his name in and never vote for another POTUS again if he doesn’t get on the ballot. How could anyone say, “more war Mitt, Newt or Rick!” A vote for these rats are a vote for more war, more spending and more destruction of this broke nation.

  • Three things we can do for the cause of Liberty: talk to our families, friends and neighbors about Dr Paul; volunteer to work for the campaign in our states; and give generously to the “money bomb” on February 14.
    Restore America to Constitutional government!
    RON PAUL in 2012 for peace, prosperity and liberty!

  • Wake Up Nevada . Give your delagates to Ron Paul. He is The only one who deserves them.!

  • Mitt Romney And Gingritch voted thumbs down. They don’t want YOU to know the truth.
    604 viewers got the message. Vote Ron Paul 2012

  • Ron Paul is like the pebble in the ocean it will create a hugh Wave Freedom is popular Ron Paul 2012

  • Establishment Republicrats are just like crack. Really, really bad for you, and America is hopelessly addicted, and in total denial.