Ron Paul’s Message to Nevada

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  • forget it

  • Dan

    The Media is already projecting Romney to have won Nevada but Paul can still win here. Clark county has 70% of the population here and it’s only 3% counted. If Paul wins Clark he takes Nevada. Don’t believe me? Look here at the population by county
    If Clark county goes to Paul, Romney and the media are gonna look like fools come SuperBowl sunday especially after Romney’s campaign victory speech. There are 1,777,539 documented residents in Clark county. Thats more than all the other counties combined. It’s the only county that really matters. Just like Santorum won Iowa after it was announced he lost, we may see the same thing tomorrow with Paul and Nevada. Keep your eyes open for Clark county. For those who don’t know Clark county is the county Las Vegas is in.

  • Jonnyohio

    The day is coming when fools like you wake up. By then it will be too late.

  • “To police the world”

  • freedomrul3z

    This Nevada caucus is a big surprise, I thought Ron Paul would of done better than this, I guess people are not ready for REAL change. but I will tell you this if Ron Paul isn’t the Candidate for the republican party I will not be voting for Mitt Romney I will be writing Dr Paul in, I would rather put up with Obama for four more years than to have that clown romney to shape the Republican party, maybe after four more years of hell people will finally wake up. Rand Paul 2016? I hope Ron Paul 2012 keep fighting to restore America

  • aleks

    How can they be calling a winner with less than 50% reporting?
    CNN televised the one late caucus and Ron Paul won by a landslide. Very suspicious! The establishment apparently decided on the winner ahead of time.

    • Russell

      It’s very, very, very suspicious. It’s fixed, it must be fixed. If it wasn’t fixed Ron Paul would have won.

      Yup, yup, yup, grunt, grunt.

  • JerryB

    We should have in place a system that prevents the media from asking Ron frivolous questions.
    I propose that a husky Afro-American accompany him where ever he goes as his friend, protector,PR man, and intermediary between him and the press.
    This would show that he is NOT a segregationist and that he isn’t just appealing to the Caucasians. But, most important, it would put a third party between him and the reporters that ask frivolous questions and keep asking him which of the other candidates he prefers.
    Here are some scenarios:
    When a reporter ask Ron a frivolous question he could immediately step in and say “That is a frivolous question to be asking the future president of the United States! Ron, as your friend, personal advisor, and guard I refuse to allow you to soil yourself with the fouled stench of this puppet!”

    Reporter #2: “Ron, who do you prefer between Gingrich & Romney?” Personal Guard talking to the reporter: “Man, you better respect my man! You better ask a question about what he brings to the table! You understand me?”

    When reporter #2 ignores the guard and ask Ron the same question aqain:
    Man, what language do you understand? I told you once already that I want you to ask him questions of substance. I am not going to keep telling you any more. Are we clear on this?

    I may sound like a nut, but what do we have to loose with the mass media news networks? This may bring in a lot of attention that may backfire on the press.

    • Russell

      Yes Jerry, you really do sound like a nut. Could that be because you are …………?

  • I guess we will see have to wait til June to see what happens but I think Paul should have a third party plan because this is not just any normal election. We have two Wall Street Politicians Obama and Romney and one crazy man Newt. Dr. Paul can’t give up no matter what happens in June. I would vote for Peter Pan before I would vote for Mitt Newt or Obama.

  • Let’s be honest The media and the top GOP guys know that Ron Paul can destroy any chance the republicans have of seeing the white house. That is why they are trying to be a little nice to him and kindly tell him to drop out and tell him his view will be represented in the GOP as long as he throws his MASSIVE support behind Mitt or Newt but I say forget Mitt or NEWT. Ron Paul go Third party and grab your Favorite Dem as a running made Dennis and show them you going for it all.

  • The Republicans won’t win with out you Paul supporters that is the reality of it. Third Party Ron Paul with Dennis kucinich running mate because Dennis Kucinich said in a interview if he won he would want Ron Paul as his running mate hands down. Dennis would bring the Extreme Left in to the fold because Dennis has his hardcore progressives you bring those guys in and I promise you will be too big to ignore or “fail.” haha That would split the GOP and DNC.

  • Ron Paul supporters need to talk to Ron Paul because I think we can see now the Republican party is not playing fair when it comes to Ron Paul. all you guys need to talk him into going into a Third party because if Ron Paul goes Third party it will split the vote and Republicans have no chance of winning the White house at all then Which in reality No matter what Paul does Mitt or Newt won’t win. but Third party Ron Paul has a Chance at the White house it’s a huge risk but it would work.

  • as much as I want and the U.S. needs Ron Paul, I don’t think he’ll be able to shake Romney’s punk ass..which really sucks.

  • Curt

    Get the word out. Buy the tees and stickers. Unless we get RON PAUL elected… it will be a much much longer road to the constitutional democracy we knew.

  • Lucius

    The votecount on shows romney way ahead with gingrich and Paul basically on a tie (gingrich 1 vote ahead).
    Though only 9% of the votes are counted it concerns me, i expected a win or at least a near win.

  • Please win.



  • Yeah right, That’s why he’s been a succesful physician for umpteen years and has been married for 50 years. “sociopath” ?? Clearly you don’t even know what a sociopath is. With comments like these you can’t be more than 14 years old?