58% Landslide! Ron Paul Wins Adelson Late-Hour Caucus

Adelson Caucus Results (Clark County, Nevada)

  1. Ron Paul 58% (183 votes)
  2. Mitt Romney 19% (61 votes)
  3. Newt Gingrich 18% (57 votes)
  4. Rick Santorum 5% (16 votes)
  5. None (1 vote)

Ron Paul won the special late-hour caucus that had reportedly been set up by a Nevada billionaire supporting Newt Gingrich. That strategy backfired after Ron Paul supporters managed to persuade the audience – and the nation:

Final Nevada Results:

  1. Mitt Romney 50% (16,486 votes)
  2. Newt Gingrich 21% (6,956 votes)
  3. Ron Paul 19% (6,175 votes)
  4. Rick Santorum 10% (3,277 votes)
  • I didn’t think this particular demographic would be the strongest ron paul support base. I wonder what Ron Paul thinks of these election results. Come on people, think of a way to beat them at their game and make our votes count.

  • Do we expect the republican voters, the same people who voted to reelect Bush in ’04 to suddenly develop enough sound reasoning and good judgement to cast a vote for Ron Paul? I suppose that’s asking too much.
    Its time for Mr Paul to climb up out of the GOP hog pen and go third party!


  • im wondering if writing him on the ballot will help avoid the fraud

  • The rigging is so blatantly obvious. I can’t believe how in your face it all is.

  • Thats a really smart crowd, I think what there doing is awesome!:)Ron Paul2012!

  • CNN producers were shitting bricks… clearly the people support Ron Paul, at least the intelligent well informed people do. The votes are rigged. It almost appears as if Romney’s votes are actually Paul’s. Just switching names would be easier than fudging the numbers.

  • I will regain my faith in America if Ron Paul is president.

  • Amer Ican

    14:20 :: Someone with enthusiasm, and giving an intellegent answer about the reason to vote Ron Paul. “OH SH!T, Pull the plug, pull the plug, pull the plug!!!”

    • Amer Ican

      intelligent* ^ typo, but edit wouldn’t work 😀

  • Typical mainstream media. The last man was soo intelligent that CNN felt threatened enough to cut him off.

  • I like how Wolf doesn’t even know how a basic caucus works in most states.

  • ron paul won this precinct caucus with over 50% of the vote, looks like his message resonates with orthodox jews and seventh day adventists.

  • I agree, The Nevada caucus was rigged.

  • I really hate to say this, but we are SCREWED. Mitt is going to win the republican votes. and Obama will win it outright, there is nothing we can do about it but to bend over and take it.


    RON PAUL 2012!

  • I bet you’ve got egg on your face now Blitzer! Your so-called News channel CNN has done everything it could to derail RON PAUL! CNN’s coverage has been nothing short of scandalous! The US public overwhelmingly support RP but your friends Blitzer in AIPAC are seeing to it that RP does not get in. I’ve long since thought the ZIONISTS control America; now I know it’s true!

  • I would love for Dr. Paul to win but as we all know the media runs the show with their fake polls & what they broadcast is what the masses believe to be true so America has no chance. prepare for ww3!!

  • Oh the media cutting off someone talking about Ron Paul, thats a first

  • Miles


  • Jay B

    This special caucus I believe was set up for Observant Jews. You know for Ron Paul being such a hater of Israel (I say with heavy sarcasm) the Jews really came through in Adelson. Mazel Tov!

  • amy velasco

    Heck Yeah! We’ve done it Ron Paul!
    Theyre finally listening to you! Yaaaaay!!!