58% Landslide! Ron Paul Wins Adelson Late-Hour Caucus

Adelson Caucus Results (Clark County, Nevada)

  1. Ron Paul 58% (183 votes)
  2. Mitt Romney 19% (61 votes)
  3. Newt Gingrich 18% (57 votes)
  4. Rick Santorum 5% (16 votes)
  5. None (1 vote)

Ron Paul won the special late-hour caucus that had reportedly been set up by a Nevada billionaire supporting Newt Gingrich. That strategy backfired after Ron Paul supporters managed to persuade the audience – and the nation:

Final Nevada Results:

  1. Mitt Romney 50% (16,486 votes)
  2. Newt Gingrich 21% (6,956 votes)
  3. Ron Paul 19% (6,175 votes)
  4. Rick Santorum 10% (3,277 votes)
  • Ron Paul at 58% getting his votes swapped with the MSM/establishment puppet MR


  • I guess the plan is to give Obama his second term by pitting him against one of the various Republican circus clowns (i.e. Romney), that no one in their right mind would vote for – the old “lesser of two evils” strategy.

    Ron Paul would literally devastate Obama on the issues that truly matter (i.e. economy, wars, etc.), so the Republican party can’t even pretend to entertain the notion of a Ron Paul nomination. So, the election riggers have been given their marching orders.

  • voting for any of these canidates besides ron paul is just giving obama an easy win. Ron paul has the youth votes which are usually liberal and he would take so much of Obama’s support would flock to RP if he did become the nominee.

  • I live in Nevada, every machine here is rigged. Better chance winning Mega Bucks then getting rid of Reid or having RP win.

  • the big story from Nevada was all the signs saying “Caucus 10am-1pm” and people who showed up at 10:30 am were told doors were closed already. 33thousand votes out of a projected 65thousand voters… they got the Neo-Cons into caucus early and then closed the doors.

    • dave17751783

      A similar thing happened in the UK general election when the conservatives got in. A number of polling stations were supposed to be open until 10pm but closed the doors early leaving thousands outside without a vote. The voters demonstrated outside, and in some cases the police were called and arrest were made, long live democracy…..

  • surprised how fair cnn was allowed to show! thought they’d black out 14 minutes before the end!???

  • dave17751783

    WTF are Americans doing, how on earth could they not elect a man with a message such as Ron Paul’s. I am a Brit who has been watching Ron Paul with interest. I happen to believe that the colonies did the right thing in 1775 and kicked our asses, we needed it, they were getting screwed by the Brit government just as the Brits were. But look what happened, in just 237 years, you are right back where you started from, under the thumb of bankers and bureaucrats who lobby (bribe) politicians to get what they want, take away your freedom, your liberty and spill the blood of young men and women in our armed forces for the sake of corporate greed. Its the same over here in the UK. I hope you all realize that its not about Ron Paul himself, but the message he brings. Stop electing puppets and put someone with the guts to tell the truth in the white house. Don’t forget, the presidents decisions don’t just affect America, they affect the world. Do the world and yourselves a favour, vote for Ron Paul. I wish Ron Paul was a Brit, I would vote for him without hesitation.

    • tobe

      @dave17751783: Dave you are right and it’s worst then that. There’s a black out over here by major news media on Ron Paul. As of the most recent Nevada caucus, Paul supporters reported he won but there’s nothing on the tele–can’t get any news confirmation. If you can, maybe because you’re outside the States news flow a little freer, so if you can find anything pass it this way on news in the Nevada caucus results. You believe, we the people of the United States have to go through this bs to get news on the most important election in this country? It is like third world when it comes to reporting Ron Paul, so the major reason a lot of people don’t know about him is because the media blacks him out. We cannot break the media black out; we are on the Internet but over half of the country still rely on the convenience of television and being that he’s not on it, they don’t see it.

      • dave17751783

        Tobe, I’m sorry to have to report that the number of times Ron Paul has been mentioned in the UK can be counted on less than the fingers of one hand, it would seem that the BBC, ITV and SKY are no different to your media, all the others get a spot on the news, only this evening Mitt Romney got 10 minutes about him possibly becoming the first Mormon president. It sounds like the same kind of spin I heard for Obama, first black president, first Mormon president. Quite frankly, who gives a damn what colour they are, what faith they are, etc., etc..
        as long as they do the right thing for the people. The ‘Government’ be it British or American are owned by the true powers in the world, as is the global media, there is no way they will allow someone like Ron Paul to get the coverage he deserves as long as his policies conflict with theirs. This is also why they are desperate to control the internet, your voice is in cyberspace, if they get control of that, Ron Paul would be completely silenced as far as coverage is concerned. Having watched the so called coverage on UK TV, I was quite surprised when I found out about this guy called Ron Paul on the internet, I hadn’t heard his message before that, and it blew me away. Ron Paul is not just what America needs, he is what the world needs. In the UK between 1963 and the 1990’s there was a political party called The Monster Raving Loony Party and their leader was called Screaming Lord Sutch. This guy got more coverage on TV than most serious party leaders except the big three, why? because they knew he would never win. This means that the media is afraid that coverage of Ron Paul might just help him win, so the solution is to ignore him.


  • Ron Paul got owned in Nevada.

  • A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for your troops.
    Anyone who votes or wants otherwise should be shot as a traitor.

  • If you’re heading to the voting booths to vote for for Ron Paul..please DO NOT LEAVE until you can get a PICTURE of the tally!!! DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT YOU CANNOT TAKE A PICTURE..IT’S YOUR RIGHT!!
    A lot of people go vote and then immediately leave the building..please do NOT do this!! THIS IS HOW THE VOTES FOR RON PAUL ARE BEING THROWN AWAY!!
    After the tallies, if you see votes that do not add up, call the news agencies, call the newspapers, start posting the images you took!

  • The media has chosen the candidate its ridiculous google ron paul you will see a mitt romney ad

  • and they suddenly decided to not use percentages; amazing piece of propaganda

  • Ron Paul becoming President is only a pipe dream if you ask me. He did not win Nevada it is clear to me the Republican all feel Mitt is the best chance to beat Obama. But to me Ron Paul is the only chance of beating Obama. You watch Mitt Romney wins Obama going to have another 4 years. But to me the Republican class this year has been very poor. I am beating the Republican class in 2016 is going to be much better. The smart ones has stay out of this race why Obama is not losing.

  • romney gets more love the ron paul

  • No emails please, left-wing nutjobs have screwed that option for the rest of you unless approved in advance.

  • i dont think this will actually do anything, but every little bit may help. i just created a petition to require ben bernanke to step down and reform or remove the federal reserve on the white house website. please sign it! wh. gov/kt9 (take out the space)
    Ron Paul 2012

  • Vote Ron Paul 2012 from Wisconsin!

  • ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

    It’s not enough to say “Vote Ron Paul

    In order for Dr.Paul to win, HE NEEDS THE PRIMARY. That’s the toughest part.

    IF YOU WANT TO VOTE IN PRIMARY YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED REPUBLICAN! If you don’t switch parties in time, (3 months ahead in some states from now) YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE!!

    Go to BLUEREPUBLICAN(dot)ORG and register ASAP! Copy and paste this everywhere! Thumbs up to help this be on top.


    • tobe

      @sadmadgla3: We need to hit back at the media for blacking him out too. If more people know he’s winning, they’ll pay more attention. Boycott CNN, Fox, Msnbc, CBS, USToday, etc. If they could careless about our most important election we should squeeze them dry and starve them of money. Start a petition in change period org (learn to use the site) and get all Ron Paul supporters to sign petition and send it off to the anti-American media. They are subverting our election!!! If journalist cannot report the news without bias then they should not have the privilege of the free press–because there nothing free about being subjected to manipulation.