Ron Paul 2nd or 3rd in Nevada

  • Dawn

    Sign the petition to demand voter recount in Nevada and end this electoral fraud!!

  • Mark

    The idea that Ron Paul or bust has to be emphasized. I think people have tobeaware that they can write him in.


  • Amer Ican

    This is one of the best speaches yet!! Anyone else start to tear up watching this stuff? Beautiful!

  • Yes, it is hard to fathom what people are thinking when they cast their votes for the Big Government candidates… I really don’t get and I almost don’t believe it. It seems like everyone I talk to here in Texas is pretty much on the Ron Paul band wagon… makes me wonder just a little bit about voter fraud but then again some people are really THICK.

  • John Q Freedom

    Soooo, Nevada is choosing the guy who is getting contributions from Goldman Sachs? The same Goldman Sachs that took a 12.9 BILLION dollar tax payer funded bail out. Why on Earth would the people be voting for a guy that is so tight with the banksters who took billions in TARP money?
    Since Romney is taking G&S money he is effectivly using tax payer bail out money to fund his run for the white house!
    And why is Gingrich getting attention from conservatives?He supported health care madates just like Romney does….Gingrich supported cap and trade and climate/global warming regulations….and he benifited from the tax payer funded bailouts some 1.6 million dollars through Fanny and Freddy….and for this Nevada rewards him with second place? Geeezzz…..does Nevada not care about this type of corruption and tax payer rip offs? Why are these guys even placing top teir? They should have been booed of the stages long ago for these types of issues.
    Thank God for the people of Nevada who researched the issues, found the corruption of Romney and Gingrich and decided to vote for the uncorruptable Ron Paul. Great Job to the Nevada Ron Paul supporters!!
    Please Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri, do your research. Look to see where these guys are getting their money. Check out their positions on the bail outs/TARP. See who wants to end the most wars. See who wants to cut the most spending. See who wants to cut the most taxes. See who offers the most freedom.
    Ron Paul 2012!

    • Paul for 12

      with you 110% I wish alot more people would wake up and realize this. All we can do is fight the good fight!