Ron Paul: Energized, Dedicated Supporters Can Make a Difference

  • Delaware supports Ron Paul!


  • Delaware supports Ron Paul!

  • Canada loves Ron Paul!!!!

  • I love you Ron…I wish Americans weren’t so retarded.

  • Ron Paul is intelligent. Ask yourself why he stays in the fight for liberty when he could easily retire. It’s because he is morally honest and has future generations of his own he cares about as well as the world they will live in which includes you and me. The others are out to make a buck or two for nobody but their self. Maybe some people can’t recognize moral integrity when they see it. But it is the reason Ron Paul supporters will never withdraw their support for Ron Paul.
    Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  • Challenge the establishment!!!

  • Challenge the establishment!!!

  • URGENT: WE NEED HELP as a vote monitor……taking a picture of the signed final tally sheet and post to our page. NEED them for the Caucus State (CO, MN, ME), where the ballots are hand counted (after the polls close). Watch Ron Paul encouraging citizens to watch the vote’. youtube/3v7dpq4bR6s. Then go to WatchTheVote2012 Facebook main page to join. THANK YOU

  • All these mainstream hosts/candidates just look so bizarre. Take Mittens Romney for instance. He has the face of a pedophile. Santorum is a dumb fuck and Gingrich is a psycho. Americans need to PROTECT Paul. Make sure he doesn’t get shot in the face.

  • if your not voting ron paul..just dont vote at all








  • Ron Paul 2012!

    Tell your friends! Seek out people who support someone else and CHANGE THEIR MIND! Support Ron Paul by contributing and buying stickers, hats, tee shirts and yard signs. Change your voter registration to republican so you can vote for Ron Paul in the primary and also to send a message!

    We need Ron Paul. He’s the only choice for our freedom’s sake!

  • Ron Paul 2012 He has my vote. I support him 100%.

  • Ron Paul you are already the non!!!!!!!
    Mitt and Newt are puppets and won’t change anything…
    Ron Paul got my support! x)

  • Ron Paul you are already the non!!!!!!!
    Mitt and Newt are puppets and won’t change anything…
    Ron Paul got my support! x)

  • Im getting pissed off that RPs team hasnt come up with a game plan to battle against all this election fraud yet, they must have known it was coming and yet it seems like they are just rolling over and letting it happen in every state without a plan to stop it, i know thats easier said than done, but they cant just turn the other cheek and pretend its not happening or the election is going to get stolen right out from under us. Message to RPs team: FIND A WAY TO STOP THE ELECTION FRAUD & QUICK

  • ron paul please help us!

  • noone cares bro

  • Santorum will start WW3.

    Newt is more slimy than a newt.

    Romney is like a fish on land, toss him back to where he came from.

    Ron Paul is the only intelligent choice at this point. He also is the only one polling high vs Obama. Does the GOP want another 4 years of Obama? Why are they voting for these other creeps.

  • The hacktivist collective Anonymous set out to take down the white supremacist American Third Party (A3P). In a document dump that includes private forum messages, emails, organization notes. The group found numerous connections between Republican presidential candidate Paul and A3P. According to documents, Paul himself regularly met with A3P members, engaged in conference calls with their board of directors and engaged in a “bridging tactic” between A3P and the Ron Paul Revolution. Look it up