Ron Paul: End These Illegitimate Wars RIGHT NOW!

  • pretty powerful at the end there.



  • unmatched intellect

  • she is a crooked faced cunt

  • Ahmadinejad is a Jew !! (educated in Europe and speaks English and French fluently) …And he is a hated Dictator, playing with the lives of the Iranian people !..Sanction only hurt the people of Iran and not the ruling elite don’t you know ?…

  • The 781 people who voted for Newt over Ron in Nevada are idiots.

  • Wow, and they don’t even know what they are dying for,Only Ron Paul would be honest and tell it like it is…

  • Ron Paul being aggressive !! I like it. Nomore playing nice to these media whores. People gotta wake up the hard way

  • Young people don’t kno this , but 20 years ago Americans were the most beloved people on earth ..
    Anywhere an American went , he was an instant rock star …
    The loss of that goodwill and love , is far greater , than money …

  • Powerful ending with the FACTS about our troops. This is a time of change…real change. We need our military with us if we do this. We need to put the chains back on the servant, not on us. The United States Constitution is the chains meant to restrict the power of the Federal Government. It must be enforced otherwise it is just a God Dam piece of paper. This is a intellectual Revolution. There propaganda must be realized and dismissed. Wake the masses.

  • Her voice is that of a Elites puppet Whores !…

  • We don’t take out loans to stake out our neighbor’s house. How could we justify it in an international setting? If I catch you in my house it would not be pretty.

  • Ron Paul needs to slow down when he speaks. He is so accustomed to having to stuff so many thoughts and words into a short span of time that he’s stomping all over his message. Please Ron, slow down. Make them give you more time.

  • Ron Is Soooo Smart! I wish people would listen to him!

  • If America was a smarter country Ron Paul would win the nomination easily… I can’t believe that sooo many people supports idiots like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, it blows my mind to be honest.

  • IT’S none of our god damn business !!!! if the stupid son of a bitches want to kill each other over there let them do it !!!. We had to fight a revolution they are no better than we are. Let them stand up for their selves get the hell out of there and protect our on country!!!!!

  • Ron Paul just nailed it in this interview.

  • im in this vid now for 35 seconds and im already cracking up….hypotheticals….lmao
    im not gonna finish this bs….

  • The truth – there it is folks. Now, why is it so many people have a problem with that?

  • We stir it up and then we get the oil and the bankers get control of the banks. We have fun cell phone to play with.