Ron Paul: End These Illegitimate Wars RIGHT NOW!

  • The American people benefit in no way from sanctions on Iran. Reject war propaganda!

  • I’m so tired of people bashing Ron Paul. If anybody had half a brain and just listened to him they would realize that he is the only logical candidate. For those the claim to be patriotic and support the troops, then turn around and say they want the troops to stay overseas and die are a bunch of hypocritical shits. People say Ron Paul is isolationist. I guess I missed the memo where the word “isolationist” changed its original meaning to “intelligent advocate of peace and prosperity.”

  • She got smoked!

  • “…and they don’t even know what they are dying for.”

  • Make this Viral America!!!!!
    Ron Paul just surged to Second Place behind Romney in a Reuters poll!!! The Message of Liberty is surging once again!!!!
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    We need this to be on the homepage to prove how illegitimate the war-mongering neo-cons are!!!!

  • Last 3 minutes, amazing! Ron paul 2012!!

  • Listening to this man has made me a better person by far.

  • I am sick to death of female “news reporters” who constantly interrupt Ron Paul, and yes, I am a female.

  • if romney or newt get elected i will never vote again and i will lose all hope for this country.. for real this time.. dont be stupid and elect another bush… wtf?!

  • Wise people do not argue possible scenarios…Ron Paul is a wise person.

  • Wow lol Greta started off with a super complex 3 parter question, I wonder the type of questions she asks Mitt.

  • Ron was spot-on against this mainstream witch. AWESOME.

  • Fawking good interview. He is more aggressive and continue to be precise on answers. The way to start is great; “You create problems for 40 years and I have 3 minutes to solve all this problems.”

  • Epic

  • I love the way he shrugs at (0:25). News broadcasters are sometimes ridiculously provocative. This war propaganda will lead US to a black hole. Part of the reformation on foreign policy should be allocated to News like CNN and Fox News.

  • Why does he get 2x more donations then all the other candidates combine?

  • Bring our men and women HOME!!

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Is her jaw numb?

  • Ron Paul is the Only one that does NOT have his head up his ASS in this “election”