Ron Paul: End These Illegitimate Wars RIGHT NOW!

  • Why do they have a rookie news reporter asking question like this on Ron Paul and not Mitt Romney or Gingrich?


  • He Killed It!

  • He Killed It!

  • Sanctions punish citizens, and thereby do pressure governments if the people are allowed to press for reforms. They do not work against a dictatorship though, and all they truly accomplish is to set up a managed monopoly that benefits preferred suppliers and exporters (i.e. Iraqi Oil for Food exceptions used to smuggle oil for arms even with our “allies” pre-invasion). Meanwhile, as in Iraq, 500,000 children go without, and the education and health care systems are gutted. It’s just wrong.

  • Rick Santorum 2012!

  • Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, Will have us in World War 3 for sure and bankrupt the USA.
    With Ron Paul we will have peace at last and a prosperous economy.

  • Ron Paul is awesome. What if he started yelling, and slaming papers like Alex jones calling them what they all are. That would be the only thing he could say or do better. Of course they would twist it. But still would be cool.

  • You can tell he is fired up and really pissed about all this war propaganda and escalation for more war.


  • ladys a bitch got told

  • Why is ass serum leading dr Paul in minnesota and missouri ???

  • Ron Paul love you ! You are my President !

  • How do you all think he’s the smartest person in the world? He wants to pull all of our soldiers out of places that otherwise would completely take over and if that happens all of these forces would pull together and come against us and force a New World Order on us because as strong as USA is it can’t fight the whole world we need to pull out soldiers of places with no fighting and leave them there in the places with civil unrest…that seems the smartest thing to do

  • Sanctions themselves are an act of war. Foolish Americans who believe Obama will not invade Iran…

  • Veterans for Ron Paul. Ron Paul 2012.

  • Don’t they get it ? The man is speaking the truth. Get them home and let these countries live their own ways.

  • Good to see Ron Paul kickin’ arse. Go get ’em Big Dog Ron!!!

  • nailed it at the end.

  • he that hath ears to hear, let him hear….sin blinds the eyes, truth opens the heart…GOD will always forgive through the LORD JESUS CHRIST and RON PAUL knows it…….GOD is giving AMERICA a last chance….read HIS word of advise.

    Fox loves to hire crooked people – lol