Ron Paul: End These Illegitimate Wars RIGHT NOW!

  • I sense another nominee for the Skeksy award

  • Syria’s govt. isn’t in charge of the military, Israel is the 51st state, and the american’s egypt is holding are corporate extensions of US military intelligence trying to destabilize that country. What I am going to do as president is reinvestigate 9/11 before the whole world. Call the military home to take into custody every wall street congressman zionist neocon. End the Fed, break up monopolies, and use the NDAA and patriot act for toilet paper.


  • The Criminals are so Blatant now , they have the Brass to steal 3 Elections in 1 day and give them to a Nobody like Santorum.
    They Stole Iowa and nobody seemed to care.
    They at least put effort in SC and had John King Give Newt a staged question. Then they tested the water by having 35% voter increase in BAD weather. Nobody complained.
    They Blatantly stole Nevada From Ron Paul and NOBODY complained!
    So what did they do? They handed this nobody 3 STATES in 1 day. Nobody will do anything about it!

  • Obama will kill all the dictators.

  • I second that last 3 minutes amazing!! He is brilliant!

  • like this interview, paul went with the “I’m gettin screwed here. Fuck it! Fuck it!” attitude. Everytime he does an interview. refer to 9/11 commisision, wolfowitz interview, and Bush foreign policy against nation building and policing the world as candidate (esp. this one). He really should have an ad showing what they voted for in 2000 with Bush on foreign policy. sooner he smashs the foreign policy illusion by the neocons, the sooner he can move forward.

  • Just wondering what will the other candidates answer to all these questions? Ron Paul is the truth.

  • The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results


    Ron Paul 2012.

  • Ron Paul 2012… enough said.

  • 7:18 “…They’re ( Military ) on the front line, They’re dying and they don’t even know what they are dying for. ” Ron Paul 2012…Because it’s the right thing to do.

  • Chris

    “Why does the military support Ron Paul? Because he has a sensible foreign policy, and they’re on the front lines, they’re dying, and they don’t even know what they’re dying for.”

    Quoted For Truth

  • robin

    If you are genuine Ron Paul supporters, then you need to think about the language you use if you want people in my generation to take you seriously and Dr. Paul. The way you express yourself hurts his message. If you are going to express yourself, remember what he stands for which is “do unto others as you do unto yourself”. Being angry and throwing f…bombs or swearing only makes many believe that his supporters are nothing more than hot=headed and disrespectful young people. Please, don’t give them this satisfaction of being right. Think before you speak. People do read these posts and judge who supports a candidate from the comments. Stick to the facts…..

  • Mister Ron Paul: we do hope you’ll win, because the people in South East Asia truly look up to you!

    – on behalf of your friends in South East Asia

  • One Obamney war monger out of 499

  • Ron Paul is the last chance for a peaceful revolution!

  • Federal reserve needs to create WARS to feed the DEBT MONEY CRISES as they spread propaganda to gullible American people causing them fear and war mongering attitudes that are needed to WAR, WAR WAR – America is the weapon of mass destruction , TAKE A CLOSER LOOK!

  • Gloria

    I agree with everything thing this man has said his entire political life. Wake up America and the world. Peace through force can’t work. We have been killing each other since the beginning of man. Let’s try a different approach, other wise, what are we living for? To kill another day? To hate forever? I would rather be blown up by Iran than shoot one bullet in their direction. Truly, live to love or die trying. Our country has lost its way. It could be too late.

  • He is owning this man like a boss. What you say its a woman? Nooooo!

  • Why do they have a rookie news reporter asking question like this on Ron Paul and not Mitt Romney or Gingrich?