Ron Paul: End These Illegitimate Wars RIGHT NOW!

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  • Deng

    I was looking at “Catholics for Ron Paul” videos and I came accross this very articulate man talking about how Dr. Paul’s position are very consistent with Catholicism:
    This video makes it very clear that Santorum – a Catholic – is against catholic teaching in regards to foreign policy.

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  • dam that was more awesome than usual for Ron Paul!

  • dam that was more awesome than usual for Ron Paul!

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  • 4 Trillion

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  • The PaulBots are idots and they believe GW Bush blew up the WTC Towers on 9-11. Ron Paul was best friends with Bin Laden. Admiral Mitt Romney is a War Hero and he killed Bin Laden in Pakistan. Ron Paul was a Draft Dodger. Vote for Mitt 2012. He is a good Mormon and a very wealthy man. Let us all say Amen.

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  • People around the world love Ron Paul.. I love that! I’ve even heard of foreigners donating to his campaign.

    We are trying our best to get him in, but it’s pretty obvious the global elites won’t let it happen. A handful of assholes think they are more important than 7 billion good people of the world.

    Whoever controls the central bank of a country controls everything in that country. For the US, that’s the Federal Reserve. It is not federal, and it’s above the government.

  • Cambodia for Ron Paul! Hey America, kill Henry Kissinger for us please! Thank you!