Ron Paul: End These Illegitimate Wars RIGHT NOW!

  • That bitch was a fucking horse face. Mad me sick to let her talk down to dr paul like that!

  • Ron’s like, bitch, i’m not a child, dont give me a hypo situation. Fuck. Listen to me and let me finish! xD Hell, i think he answered all 3 questions with his first time speaking after the questions.

  • Holly shit, did you people listen to that lady?

  • I’m a veteran of the the U.S Army and I support Ron Paul. Please get out get registered and vote, we need you now more than ever.


  • This man is too good for the United States. He’s too good for the people who live there. He’s too good for the likes of them.

    As De Tocqueville said, when the American ceases to be good, America will cease to be free. Ron Paul is a ghost from the past for a citizenry who no longer exist. The modern day American is evil by nature and they do not deserve to be saved by a man like Ron Paul. A true patriot and the only man that Thomas Jefferson would endorse in this race.

  • You must be the most dumbed down fluoride headed idiot if you think Ron Paul is anything short of what a real patriot is.

  • You must be the most dumbed down fluoride headed idiot if you think Ron Paul is anything short of what a real patriot is.

  • No one speaks the TRUTH like Ron Paul! He is the most consistent and honest politician I’ve ever seen, the others are in bed with the government!! With the exception of Ron Paul, the rest represent the lesser of two evils, but it is still evil!

  • Anyone else see those captions in white? Can you spell “brainwashing”?

  • this man speaks the truth people! elect him or you’re all ****ed

  • It’s funny how we don’t have money to save people in distress here, but we DO have money to kill people overseas. This entire country is ass-backwards thanks to liberals and neo-conservatives.

  • 9-11-01 is partly as the media says, and has been used to substantiate these illegal wars. One main proof, GW Bush signed for the US to go to war with Afghanistan 09-10-2001, the day before 9-11.

  • Mr. President.

  • WTF, Rosie O’Donnell 2.0???

  • The Only One Dislike is FOXNEWS assholes!! RonPaul2012 For all Good Americans
    and rest of the World!

  • Ron Paul has the heart and wits of a 25 year old. This is only one reason why I love em

  • how the fuck did she become a TV host?

  • What a stupid reporter. Asking dumb questions. Even Ron Paul said: You created problems for over 40 years and you give me 3 mins to solve them. Typical Fox news, just finding an excuse to put Ron Paul down. Their AFRAID of him!

  • “The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, denounce the peacemaker for lack of patriotism and expose the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” Quote by Hermann Goering 2nd in command the 3rd Reich.
    RON PAUL, The bravest man in politics. Come on USA and get Ron Paul in the Whitehouse and save the world from the 4th Reich.

  • if you want Paul to win no matter what is said in the media no matter how many naysayers,? the one and best thing YOU can do for him is VOTE, that’s it. just VOTE for him. Nothing else matters. Only on the day if you want him to win and you want to support him VOTE for him!