Ron Paul: End These Illegitimate Wars RIGHT NOW!

  • Hell yeah! Ron Paul could kick Obama’s ass in a debate this guy is such a damn boss -> /watch?v=htkgOgmi_1g

  • You do realize that what you did in Iran in 1953 (in the name of democracy) is: removed their democratic regime and installed a dictator in full power? You have always followed your interests, at the same time: Saddam was a friend when you gave Iraq weapons to fight against Iran, and Iran was a friend when you gave them weapons to fight against Iraq… oh and remember when bin laden was CIA’s friend? I’m an european and will not fight your pointless wars.

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  • I have never seen a politician like this in my life time. come on America! get him in the white house!

  • do not for one second assume that you some how have the right to place upon my shoulders, or any other person’s shoulders, the obligation or duty to protect persons who are half way around the world. Also, I would highly doubt that the middle east would care to be a part of any NWO so to say that the revolutions going on there are some how linked is a moot point. Question: Do you think terrorists hate us because we’re free/rich or because of our foreign policy?

  • using national troops and tax money. Especially when we’re in this financial shit storm we’re currently in. Germany during WWII is a totally different ball game than Syria and Libya. Even 9/11 for that matter. When our NATIONAL DEFENSE is at risk then YES war is permitted. War and killing should always, ALWAYS! be the last line of defense and only use in DEFENSE on THIS, not ANOTHER NATION. So if you want to die for Syrians then by all means be my guest. But

  • We’re free? Patriot Act and NDAA basically took a big huge dump all over any rights you think you have, or had. The constitution and habeas corpus are now a big joke to the government. Syria is revolting on their own because of a repressive government. Good for them. Does that mean Americans now have to die for them? No. Not unless those said individuals make a conscience decision to do so. Not however have it dictated by the government and forced upon us

  • this bitch isn’t very good with lip sync her mouth moves at the sound of a smirk instead of logic.

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  • grettas a puppet like fox news is.

  • Adam

    As someone who is not convinced by Ron Paul’s defensive stance on international relations could someone convince me that no intervention in Iran will or even could prevent another major attack on US soil? Is a good offense not the best defense?

    Respond if you can

    • jeff

      even with all the intervention we have done in Iran the Iranian people are learning
      to hate the U.S. not it’s own government for its policies. Iran could never attack
      us militarily so terror attacks are all they could possibly do to keep there pride.
      it’s like kicking a bully in the shins and running away,but we are the bully .
      a change in policy may take time ,but it’s the right move for the long haul.

  • America has a choice: it is either Mitt Rick Obama or Ron Paul!

  • MORE RON PAUL !!!!!

  • MORE RON PAUL !!!!!

  • fuck mitt romney

  • Hip hop rap track for Ron Paul


    Pls like/dislike , your opinion matters !

    When in history has the world been ‘crazy’ for a 75 yr old leader’s message?

    ♥ Ron Paul ♥ 2012 or go to hell

  • Ahahahaha, Ron Paul tell this dimwitted Fucks news bozos. “You create problems last 40 years I have 3 minutes to solve them?”

  • Im an iranian living in Canada i am so happy to see a leader with logic like this, I have family in Iran my family does not support the Iranian government but going to war with Iran will only injure innocent people. I admit the Iranian government is absolute crap, but going to war will solve nothing, kill innocent people in attempt to end a bullshit government by just attempting that the USA will dig itself further into Israel pleeaasee vote for him, he is a pure genius.

    • Adam

      I am pretty sure a war on Iran would manage to kill many dangerous people and more importantly save innocent people on the whole…

      please respond

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