Ron Paul Surges to Second Place Nationally – Now at 21% among Republicans

The rise of Ron Paul continues! In the latest nationwide Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted February 2-6, among Republicans only, Mitt Romney obtained 29% (down from 30%), Ron Paul’s support grew to 21% (up from 16%), Newt Gingrich slipped to 19% (down from 20%) and Rick Santorum rose to 18% (up from 13%).


Among Republicans and Independents, Mitt Romney obtained 28% (down from 29%), Ron Paul’s support grew to 22% (up from 17%), Newt Gingrich slipped to 16% (down from 17%) and Rick Santorum rose to 16% (up from 12%).



  • RC in CT

    There’s another issue Dr. Paul needs to address. He speaks out against the entitlement system, and the media uses it to tell senior citizens that he plans to cut their Social Security.

    Although he intends to try to phase it out (It’s unconstitutional) and allow younger workers to opt out and invest for their own retirements, he has also stated that he would make sure it was funded for those relying on it.

    The senior citizens need to know that with big government and big spending, the program will go bankrupt, and the dollar will likely collapse, taking away their net worth as well as their fixed incomes.

    Their best hope for the future is with spending cuts, tax cuts, and sound money.
    =RON PAUL=

    • Citizen

      What senior citizens do not understand is that Ron Paul’s policies would bring interest rates back into normal rages of 5%-7% where they should be.

      Their LIFE savings would earn them a return enough to live on.
      Ending the FED would virtually eliminate “savings” losses due due to inflation.

      Socialist Government spending bankrupts the Nation and the Citizens.

      The Gold Standard puts the wealth back into the hands of the People.
      Ron Paul 2012

  • Mariusz

    Greetings from Poland. Most of polish citizens support Ron Paul’s fight for freedom!!

  • Graham


    This could give him 50 state ballot access without him having to discredit himself by soliciting it. He needs 5000 votes in 10 states to have chance. PLEASE VOTE!

  • Gene Wilder





    RON PAUL 2012 !

  • Keep up the Great work, to promote democracy in other countries is a joke, puppet leaders selected not elected, you better make sure you know people in your own counties, regulating this and electronic voting is nothing but fraud. Australia supports Ron Paul. The world is watching. END THE FED!!

  • travis

    My small Caucus: Final Tally Straw Poll: Santorum – 39, Paul – 18, Gingrich – 13, Romney – 11.
    When I watched them count the votes I was dumbfounded to see all of the Santorum votes. This guy is despicable. I know the straw vote doesn’t mean anything, but seeing all of the proles vote for such a a deplorable person made me kind of ashamed to be a Minnesotan.

    • travis

      We did get a lot of Ron Paul delegates, though and that’s what matters.

  • Democrat in IL


    I am a Democrat. Always have been….after you, maybe not “always will be”.
    You have a plan. You know how to execute that plan.
    The rest of the folks running against you are JOKERS that just want to fill the American peoples’ minds with jargon and dreams. You know WHAT REALLY MATTERS and what this country needs to SUCCEED again.
    -Brett, 28, IL Democrat

  • warriorforliberty

    And this is our theme song, it’s called glory !


  • Citizen

    This is GREAT!!
    This is the MOST responses I’ve read on this site in years…

    You’ve all Exposed the real root of the issue…

    The RNC “wants” a WarFare Statist nominee to face off against the

    The Jackass DEM WelFare Statist incumbent

    So according to the Statist Quo the battle is between
    The top 5% Rich Crony Capitalists wanting Romney to continue the Corporate Welfare money flowing…
    You’re a poor welfare recipient or a Union labor schmuck hoping the STATE can continue ot pay for outrages retirement benefits and still pay triple the prevailing market wages.

    AND the rest of US, are the “disenfranchised middle class”, trying our damdest to make ends meet in the middle, while living in a growing Police State.

    Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who represents the MAJORITY (60%) of US who actually work for a living.
    You know….
    WE the People who pay ALL the TAXES to support the WarFare AND WelFare Statists.

    Am I sounding a little miffed about this reality?

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Check out Google Trend for (ron paul, newt gingrich, mitt romney, rick santorum)
    You can tell that no one touches the toe of Dr. Paul when it comes to Dr. Paul popularity on the net but when it comes to state sponsored media, Dr. Paul doesn’t even exist.,+newt+gingrich,+Mitt+Romney,+rick+santorum&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0

    *****Dr. Paul for 2012*****

  • Diane Koenig

    We have never needed something as much as we need Ron Paul. He is the only candidate struggling for our freedoms. Speaking of which, I would like to point out that youtube has a video of Facebooks creator who is CIA and getting an award for his invention that is designed to take our freedoms away, spy on us, and other reasons that you need to see for yourself . I urge everyone to quit Facebook thus making it harder for him to sell it to the public. I feel duped. I want to help Dr. Paul help us.

    • Herr Wagner

      Hmmm, really? I don’t think he’s CIA. That’s a false story. . .

      He’s possibly related to someone in the intelligence gathering biz. I could see that, he’s got dual citizenship to Israel and US doesn’t he?

      Nevertheless, CIA does moniter Facebook, you can look it up.

      If you want to remove your FB don’t just delete. Your page and all your info is still saved on FB’s Servers. You MUST “De-Construct” your page and all of your pics and friends manually.

      Delete photos and remove friends, change name if available, remove and delete Email address, change or remove “ALL” information.

      I did this and also removed my YT later on and deleted my Google accounts and Email. I currently use a Eastern European Email Service Provider.

      Best of Luck,

      Mr. Wagner

  • robin

    We feel the same frustration that Dr. Paul has to address the allegations of voter fraud. He can do it in a way that brings it to the attention of more people by sticking to the facts=the discrepancies…He does not have to make unfounded accusations, but point out the obvious. He has to address this. Sometimes we have to stick our neck out to do the right thing. Playing it safe does not create changes, or does it get you elected. Nice guys finish last. He can maintain his integrity by asking the right questions for people to draw their own conclusions …So far, it seems like he’s left that up to his supporters. He has to lead the way….He also has leverage as the GOP wants his loyal supporters.

  • Dagny

    Dr. Paul probably won Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, but the GOP and Faux News are all conspiring in voter fraud in order to get their globalist-new world-order-Republican-Obama-clone Romney elected. If voters aren’t outraged, then they are not paying attention. This is a disgrace and a corruption of the election process. Individuals should contact the RNC and complain until they stop. We should threaten them with law suits. All I know is that I will not vote for anyone other than Dr. Paul. I will write in his name if he doesn’t win the nomination. I will not allow them to shove an Obama clone down my throat. Let them then try to steal the election away from Oblabla. The GOP is no better than ACORN.

    • Is there a way we can sue the media for false or misrepresented news….Or would you say a …sin by omission….We need to bang the streets on this….It is totally railroaded and disgusting…The disappointment of our country…Shame on them~~

  • Ben Stewart

    It’s Paul or nothing!

  • james maziarz

    Dr.Paul, Why don’t you fight harder and raise your voice for the people to get excited?

  • F G

    Mr. Paul,
    if you don’t take off your globes for this fight…you are going to loose it.
    I recommend you start fighting….because you have to fight the corruption of the electoral count system and you have to fight the ignorance of Mitt….in any case you should consider offering some drama…that’s when you get to everyone head and people who are against you fall…

  • Ryan

    Ron Paul is straight to the top like he’s tied to a rocket.

  • Chris Parr

    Well, the graph I saw that didn’t look so good was the delegate count. That is what matters. We can win polls all day every day (like Dr. Paul has been), but it doesn’t mean anything without getting the delegates. With the fraud that has happened, the criminals will keep the delegates from going to Dr. Paul. It’s sad but true. Dr. Ron Paul is a gift from God himself sent at just the right time. How can we get Dr. Paul the nomination? We MUST if we are to save our country. How can we beat the criminals at their own game? I have been getting depressed over how the media and election officials have treated Dr. Ron Paul. It feels hopeless. How can we defeat ALL of these criminals?
    Ron Paul or NOBODY. I will write him in if need be. Please let me know what you think.

    • Gaylen Corbett

      I feel your frustration. I know that Dr. Paul has stated that he will not run as a third party candidate, but if he did so, I think he would have a chance for full victory, as he would draw votes from the democrats, republicans and libertarians.

    • Mary Gentles

      Isn’t there a single high-profile attorney out there willing to bring a class action suit (the class being voters) against the ones responsible for voter fraud. I realize that perps are like eels, but I believe that ultimately the responsibility would devolve on the state’s Republican National Committee. They set up the rules, right? I don’t know enough to speak to this, but I know lawsuits get attention and that even when fraud is exposed, reported, and proven, the results remain. The eight counties ‘left in the trunk’ in Iowa should be allowed to vote. They were disenfranchised. The ballot count should not have been taken to ‘an undisclosed location’. The dead voters of N.H. shouldn’t have a voice among the living, nor should the dead of S.C. The news services should not report a victory for any candidate four days before the election, as was done in Nevada. There must be an answer to this, NOW. Before it becomes a moot point.

    • Gloria

      Give me liberty or give me death! I will write his name in, but whose counting? If the election is rigged anyway, he won’t win. In the middle east it doesn’t matter who the people want. I am sad that my country is no better. We were all asleep and didn’t know what to do. I still don’t know…any ideas?

  • Curtis Bostic

    I think the real polls would show Ron Paul in first place!

  • Christopher Campbell


    What qualifies you to be POTUS?

    IA and NH Mitt: I’m a self-made business man. I defeated an (unelected, inexperienced) incumbent Democrat.

    SC Mitt: We, I, made all my money. I know what business needs.

    FL 2nd debate Mitt: My money manager made all my money.


    This snafu combined with his health care hypocrisy spells four more years of an Obama dictatorship with nothing to lose.