Ron Paul Surges to Second Place Nationally – Now at 21% among Republicans

The rise of Ron Paul continues! In the latest nationwide Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted February 2-6, among Republicans only, Mitt Romney obtained 29% (down from 30%), Ron Paul’s support grew to 21% (up from 16%), Newt Gingrich slipped to 19% (down from 20%) and Rick Santorum rose to 18% (up from 13%).


Among Republicans and Independents, Mitt Romney obtained 28% (down from 29%), Ron Paul’s support grew to 22% (up from 17%), Newt Gingrich slipped to 16% (down from 17%) and Rick Santorum rose to 16% (up from 12%).



  • The rest comes and goes, with the exception of Dr Paul!

  • Dr RP 2012

  • if anybody but ron paul wins the presidency, I am moving to another country.

  • you wanna know why shes nervous? because she cares so much about the message and philosophy that she is full of anxiexty about getting the message out there as clearly and articulately as possible


  • I don’t get it. Why RIck Sant (whatever) is surging? I guess GOP is sick and tired of their own popular candidates.

  • Ron Paul has the least amount of delegates. How is he in second place. How can anyone say that after Santorum swept 3 states.


  • RON PAUL 2012! Spread the message!

  • Dr. Paul is the only honest man in the race

  • as the general public slowly awake from sleep , they find the corporate funded candidates , banks , insurance , special interests are pushing there ponies to the front and the people want nothing of it . we want our country back . we want our freedom . when i woke from my media induced coma i found that i was angry with myself . never being in the light. always being a sheep . never even questioning what was spoon fed to me . i just hope we still have time to reverse all the damage,ron paul 2012

  • Only downside to this is …THE FREAKIN’ ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED!


  • Most excellent. Watched this twice!

  • What. A. Babe.

  • man, ron paul has the hottest girlsupporters with a brain! almost seems like an american dream…

  • She always sounds like she is on the verge of tears.

  • Great job Mary, I know you must have been so nervous! I know I would be nervous on TV, but you did awesome!!

  • Ron Paul supporters don’t change their mind, so his support grows steady and sure. I’ve had a feeling for awhile that things could suddenly flip entirely and Ron Paul takes it by a landslide over Obama.
    Ron Paul 2012 !!!
    No more insane WARS !!!
    No more Financial Shenanigans !!!!

  • None of the GOP candidates want war —— where did that come from?