Ron Paul Surges to Second Place Nationally – Now at 21% among Republicans

The rise of Ron Paul continues! In the latest nationwide Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted February 2-6, among Republicans only, Mitt Romney obtained 29% (down from 30%), Ron Paul’s support grew to 21% (up from 16%), Newt Gingrich slipped to 19% (down from 20%) and Rick Santorum rose to 18% (up from 13%).


Among Republicans and Independents, Mitt Romney obtained 28% (down from 29%), Ron Paul’s support grew to 22% (up from 17%), Newt Gingrich slipped to 16% (down from 17%) and Rick Santorum rose to 16% (up from 12%).



  • Mary, you go girl. We are very proud of you!

  • Mary, you go girl. We are very proud of you!

  • LOL!!!! Ron Paul has the mindless blonde bimbos and foreign Youtube trolls all wrapped up !!!


  • Man, what a shame that Santorum can get even one vote. What a horrible candidate!

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  • LMAO. You know Ron Paul is in trouble if his youtube fanboys are using the anti-American filth-hole of RT to big him up. RT and Putin want Paul to win because they know he’d destroy America from the inside. Ron Paul and his ignorant followers are the enemy within.

  • Mary wilson you are my hero!

  • we must end this colonization of america and get our independence and freedoms back once again… the current government that is ruling america are not american folks. they are people from across the atlantic that are occupying america and using the resources to put military bases all over the world and suck america of the rest of its resources since woodrow wilson the evil man with glasses started annexing america through debt.

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  • man I know I should be focused on Ron Paul and he needs to win, but man this Mary Willison is so beautiful and Smart and Intelligent too, wow. Distracting me. It’s amazing how ppl of other countries want Ron Paul to win and wish they had him as their leader. Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul!!! oh and the RT lady is so fine too.

  • The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

  • Your votes are being robed Ron Paul Fans

  • REAL 21% Republicans

  • The constitution is going to save America – Ron Paul is bringing it to Washington!

  • I had a badass dream, i dreamed that Ron Paul was President and i was jumping up and celebrating….then i woke up and noticed it was a dream. I wish he is president he will save this country. RON PAUL!!!

  • as supporters we can’t shove “RON PAUL 2012” down people’s throats too much or else many people will be discouraged from voting for him. We can’t go around barking at people to vote for Ron Paul or swear at them as I’ve seen many times. We need to be civil about it and calmly introduce Paul as a worthy candidate. If they throw media garbage at you, like “Ron Paul will never be president” then ask them why they think so and try to show them the real story. Peaceful protesting…in words too.

  • For positive change for all vote for Ron Paul !

  • The USAs only hope is Ron Paul !

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