Ron Paul Surges to Second Place Nationally – Now at 21% among Republicans

The rise of Ron Paul continues! In the latest nationwide Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted February 2-6, among Republicans only, Mitt Romney obtained 29% (down from 30%), Ron Paul’s support grew to 21% (up from 16%), Newt Gingrich slipped to 19% (down from 20%) and Rick Santorum rose to 18% (up from 13%).


Among Republicans and Independents, Mitt Romney obtained 28% (down from 29%), Ron Paul’s support grew to 22% (up from 17%), Newt Gingrich slipped to 16% (down from 17%) and Rick Santorum rose to 16% (up from 12%).



  • We get the delegates, we win. FIGHT. We can do this. These Neocons have no chance against us in a open debate. Libertarians are what Republicans pretend to be.

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  • Guess black box vote frauding is how the GOP is going to bring Ron Paul into fold so he doesn’t bail and take his strong supporters with him. What do they care if he left the GOP? According to their black box vote tally he “hasn’t won a state yet and doesn’t matter.” Well, at least the third party would count his votes properly and not play this disrespectful game with GOP members. As a Republican im ready to go Libertarian after all the shameful shenanigans of the RINO establishment.

  • Its encouraging to see people actually using their minds and waking the Hell up to Ron Paul’s message. I was really starting to lose hope that Americans would EVER wake up – I still doubt we can pull the US outta the fire but he’s probably our only hope – Even if he’s only in office for 6 freaking months and pulls the troops home and gets the ball rolling in the right direction well be WAY better off –

  • Everybody should go watch the video “Ron Paul, Ron Paul-Sinatra,” its a song that’s a spin off of “New York, New York” and is done by a guy named Rick Ellis. Go watch his video that he made is support of Ron Paul. Please thumb up so more people see!!!

  • its Ron or no one !!!

  • I want to get spit roasted by them two at once.

  • Rick Santorum 2012!!!

  • RonPaul supporters would never flipflop!! Just like Dr.Paul¡ RonPaul2012!!!

  • actually Rick Santurom is now 2nd. Ron is still last 🙁

  • She did an amazing job! RON PAUL 2012

  • She did an amazing job! RON PAUL 2012

  • Remember that old Apple Computer ad where everyone sits stupefied by the huge tv and the really great looking gal in the athletic outfit comes running in and throws the big hammer into the screen and it explodes?? Well, in real life it isn’t really like that… We got Ron Paul instead!!! We love ya anyway, Ron !! 🙂

  • Key word: VOLUNTEER organizer… I doubt there are any of those for the other guys.

  • I think, if we could catch more of the vote-fraud (because it is there– and has been caught, when the caucuses have been covered by US), we would see Paul is truly winning.
    Please see my new video- it should be automatically playing on my channel.

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