Ron Paul: The Message of Liberty Appeals to Everyone

  • President Paul.

  • Great point on the entangling alliances. I’m sure great Britain thought they would have a say in our civil war too. That’s just what the US does picks sides.

  • Good luck from the Netherlands. I can’t imagine an American voting for someone else after looking into Ron Paul and his ideas.. that would just be insane.
    I’m also doing my best over here to introduce you to American friends I know. Keep the spirit Paul. I want you to become president in 2012.


  • Pretty sure the elections are rigged. He should have won Nevada.

  • Get up and vote.

  • We Wuv U Ron Paul!!! You’re The ONE!!!

  • i’m not watching news tv and asked everyone not to talk to me about what they say. Esp. on primary/caucus days.

    i have to do my best to get Ron Paul to White House and don’t want MSM brainwashing…

  • Voter Fraud Folks (in your face)….

  • We will never ever give up!
    it is sad though that people, who are hurting because of foreclosures and unemployment, do not VOTE for the only one who may change it

  • Ron Paul for President…period.

  • “Oh.. well my neighbor is going to vote.. that will be enough.”

    THAT is what you say when you don’t vote.

    Even if there was massive voting fraud in Nevada, less than 30,000 votes were cast, and Romney proceeded to win 48% of the delegates.
    It is an utter disgrace that easily 80% of the nation is crying for change, yet 3% of Las Vegas is determining the outcome for the state of Nevada.



  • 100th LIKE! ME!

  • Im a Ron Paul Delegate in NV_ There was election fraud_ adelson tried to hold his own caucus a violation of NV election law_ Plus adelson made people sign a religious affidavit stating they missed the morning caucus because of they were jewish or 7th day adventist_ Total fraud_

  • Ron Paul, please annex the UK,

  • I hate Jews, Communists, Liberals and Fascists.

  • If Ron Paul does not win, I think we Canadians should start trading with the Germans more-so the Americans.


    They support humanity.
    They support Freedom.
    Their government is against the NWO.
    They have a better economy.
    They are multicultural and less racist (like Canada)

    It’s only business.

  • I would attribute his loses to someone bribing people so his conventions get messed up, and keep him from getting publicity. All I know, is that if Ron Paul doesn’t win, Obama will be the last president of what is left of America, and what we have is bound to collapse soon, IF our existing government doesn’t get us into yet another money based war in Iran. I’m so sick of my government. I’d move but this is my motherland and I want to be here if civil war starts up so I can do my part.

  • Even Germany supports Ron Paul!!!!! Wake up America!!!!!!

  • Old people don’t vote for him b.c. they don’t know how to research. Plus they are for more debt b.c. they won’t have to pay it young people will. A big middle finger to young public