GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Will Be on GOP Ticket

  • Vp doesnt do shit

  • Ron Paul as VP can do less good then him just as congressman. It might even ruin his reputation with Romney as president.


  • I pray that he is winning……..

  • Ron Paul in last place.

  • Or we could just have Ron Paul be president and possibly Gary Johnson as VP. This idea that Romney/Paul will be on the ticket is ludicrous, it wont happen. Dr. Paul has strong morals and wouldn’t do it.

  • Ron Paul agreeing to be VP to mr. flip-flopper-poor-people-hater wont happen, its against his principles. He would be degrading himself. I think Ron Paul should either run third party or go start his own country. I’d move there without a second thought 😀

  • Paul would pick his son

  • I will not vote for a Romney/Paul ticket, if Paul ever gave into that I think ge will lose 98% of his supporters

  • Romney will pick Pawlenty

  • This is not what will happen. Santorum & Gingrich are staying in it so they can divert some of the energy away from Paul. When the conventions happens, they will endorse Romney. You Watch.

  • If all else fails…
    I will write Ron Paul’s name in on Nov. 6, 2012 if I have to.
    If he gets enough write in votes he has to accept or decline the job offered as president.
    I highly doubt Dr. Paul would even accept the offer from Romney.
    I would very much like to see a Paul/Napolitano GOP ticket.

  • Don’t fall for this, the establishment are in “bargaining denial” mode. Dr. Paul never compromised his principles in 30+ years in congress even if it meant voting alone. Do you think he’ll suddenly choose the “lesser of the evils”?

    Unless Paul has a very good explanation on why it would be a good thing, I will not support a Romney/Paul ticket.

    But that won’t even happen so it’s Ron Paul or NO ONE!

  • Sure he doesn’t have to choose any of them, but will he get Paul’s delegates, nope! So Romney’s screwed or whoever wins will have a hard time uniting a fragmented Republican party, they should have gone with Paul from the getgo, everything was already in place, he has senority over the others, experience and was right about the housing bubble and the federal reserve games, the republicans seem like they want to commit hari kari rather than let a actual conservative win the nomination, O wins.

  • I was actually already thinking Romney would pick Ron Paul for VP, he never seems to say anything bad about Paul. I am a Ron Paul supporter, but I’d rather have him as a VP than nothing at all, at least he could influence Romney, I think I would take that over Obama any day, but Ron Paul said he wouldn’t accept a VP position unless they changed their foreign and monetary policies. But I guess we shall see what happens.

  • It would not be shocking to see Paul on a ticket with the brokered winner. If the neo-cons really want to win they seem like they would have to make a deal with the Paul phenomenon. It’s shrewd and calculated and I don’t know if Paul would go there, but it would not likely be the first of such kinds of events in history!

  • i have tried to avoid saying it but id rather president paul go for the presidency even if its third party!!!…the message has been ignited and the movment will never stop but people realize that this american hero its on his last hoorah and i say ron go get em i wont believe you would be VP on a tocket with mr goldman sachs ..ill support you till the end and i think you should see how you do down the line but dont please them they have demonized you for to long give them the finger

  • Romney doesn’t have to choose from those 3 for a VP this guy is dumb.

  • I don’t want a brokered Ron Paul. I want a Ron Paul ticket. If that means third party, so be it. Actually, I’d prefer it. I wish he’d dump the warmongering Repugnants. Paul won’t be the VP candidate. That just plain makes no sense at all for many reasons. And I guarantee that anything brokered onto the platform of a Romney ticket by Paul will be reneged within 6 months or less into a Romney term.

  • I don’t get people against the idea of Ron Paul as a VP. Face it, this country is told to vote for either Republican or Democrat, and if Paul doesn’t get the GOP nomination, he won’t be elected. While I’d still write him in and encourage others to do so as well to make a point, I would definitely support Paul as a VP. Even though he’d be VP, at least we’d know there’s one sensible person in the White House — and that would make me feel better.

  • Can someone explain to me how the VP nomination process works? does the VP nomination have to come from the GOP Presidential candidates or can the VP nomination be selected from a wider range of candidates?