GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Will Be on GOP Ticket

  • This does not mean stop endorsing Ron Paul! We still need to go out there and spread the word to as many people as we can. There ARE still people out there that don’t even know Ron Paul is running! Don’t let this little speech fool you into thinking it’s a done deal. It’s not. We still need to “wake” people up. We still have a long ways to go. Don’t slow down before the finish line!

  • ron paul does not need to be president
    his states rights approach will set back civil rights

  • Go Paul GO!

  • Go Paul GO!

  • I will NOT vote for the Mormon Zionist Masonic conspirator. I just won’t vote unless it is Ron Paul as president.

  • French Canadian

    Easy answer. Obama will run in the next election because your government don’t give a damn about the Constitution.

    ONLY Ron Paul cares about the Constitution.

  • robin

    For those that come to this site who support Obama, we continue to become a surveillance society. Remember Obama voted for the Patriot Act, NDAA, signed an international trade agreement without Congressional approval-widespread implications for internet censorship, and now he will sign a bill that authorizes 30,000 spy drones. That amounts to about 600 in 50 states. Again our corporate media has not informed it’s citizenry. So, when you believe that Obama is any different from his predecessor, you need to see where he stands on the issues. Economy, empire building, and personal liberties. Do you want to live in a world that George Orwell depicts in his book 1984? Let’s keep taking our dose of SOMA….and when we wake up, nothing will be the same again.

    • robin

      Again, it’s the illusion of security that many have bought into. Our founding fathers warned us about tyranny within, but again, Americans have never had to fight for their freedoms as others have in other parts of the world. We continue to take them for granted, until one day, they will be gone…

  • So, the prediction is Romney / Paul, or Gringrich / Paul…. ? Possible, assuming none have enough delegates to sew up the nomination.

  • Tickled about Paul

    Can someone answer a question for me? Why would Obama be a candidate at all? Didn’t we discover that he may not even be a citizen? The birth certificate is a fraud, no one in any colleges have ever been to school with him. Kenya says that he is from there…..

    We can’t prove anything about this man and yet he will be ALLOWED BY US to be a deligate?

    • robin

      It’s because not enough people care, and then there’s the race card that is used just like when you question Israel, you are automatically considered anti-Semitic or a racist. If people were really honest with themselves and each other, these prejudices and discrimination are a two=way street. Again, if the media won’t do real investigative journalism, then it is difficult to build a case with solid evidence. You are up against the Wall of China…Remember, Obama is owned by corporations/the military industrial complex, and our banking system. As a Democrat, that is why I did not vote for him in the last election and why I am voting for Ron Paul. I will continue to try and educate the people I know who are asleep….

  • Assholes at Fox for cancelling this show!


    Want to see an awesome video of Dr.Paul getting angry? Watch this and spread ! This man’s just way too awesome ! If American’s cant vote this guy in then you don’t deserve him. Simple as that.

    • Donald

      I am a delegate for Ron Paul in Minnesota where he lost the straw poll to Santorum by 1 vote in my precinct. If you are planning on participating in the upcoming caucuses, please make sure you are at your location on time. We had three people in my precinct alone walk in late and miss the straw poll, but would have voted for Dr. Paul. I can only imagine how many other people weren’t aware across the state. Forward this message and become a delegate! Ron Paul 2012! We can still win this!

    • robin

      Great video Ron Paul # 1-I will post it where ever I can….

  • romney picking paul for vp would be signing his death sentence. lol you know how many passionate paul fans there are, with snipers.

  • He’ll “lay odds” that Ron Paul accepts the idea of being Vice President for CFR puppet?

    Apparently he hasn’t been listening to Ron Paul.

  • ron paul=libertarian=david koch=tea party=free markets (ie worship of the market, instead of seeing that it’s people that provide for people, not the market, and no one is independent)=the recent housing crisis=free reign for the rich=wage slavery or homelessness for everyone else

  • what tripe

  • what tripe

  • Ron Paul Wins we are all full of WIN! Doctor Paul loses we all lose it is as simple as that. Oh ya and America is done as we know it , if OBOMBMA , romney, newt the puke , or sanatorium napkin wins.

  • Is this seriously that Freedom Watch is getting cancelled ? What BS !!!

  • Wait…THIS was the last episode of Freedom Watch?

    Well, I guess now we know why it’s being cancelled. I freaking hate Fox, now.