GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Will Be on GOP Ticket

  • This guy is wrong!! RP is not going to be on the ticket with Rommney or anyone else, he won’t compromise his principles to get a VP nomination.

  • I can’t believe they cancelled freedom watch.. to cancel this show on such a time, mainly when they are the only show covering Ron Paul fairly, CANNOT be a coincidence..
    Americans, please wake up. I’m Portuguese, and I ask for the whole world, PLEASE elect Ron Paul.

  • They Just cancelled judges show…goodbye Freedom watch…Goodbye Ron Paul coverage 🙁


  • if ron paul wins ill have a reason to stop using meth

  • Ron Paul needs to be president! If you agree google ron possible *dot* org

  • In 2008, Paul said he would not accept a VP position, I don’t think that will change.

  • still cant believe fox cancelled freedom watch….YOU WANT THE TRUTH?!! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SEE WHAT HE DID AT THE END. ”Its a bold prediction, I’m not surprised to hear it from you.. We have to go”. that was proof of a psychological technique to not fully give the credit to the speaker. If a strategist who ”backed up” Romney in this same way so openly ever actually did this especially on fox news. The host would no undoubtedly agree with him. Pathetic we are being controlled by the media and nobody gets the respect they deserve unless the media approves of it. VOTE RON PAUL

  • Tennessee for Ron Paul !

  • Ron Paul is a complete idiot

  • Vice President Ron Paul? Secretary of State Ron Paul? I’d rather the latter, he’d have power. Both are good though.

  • paul is winning around these parts

  • Ron Paul would be a useless puppet of a politician that will accomplish nothing. Like him or not, no one in congress likes his policies, and without that support he’ll be the same as Obama trying to pass a health care plan.
    People forget it’s a democracy, not a dictatorship.

    He’s a simple man who thinks it’s still 1882, back when he was born. The world’s a bit more complicated than he can handle, so naturally the masses think he’s a genius. Even though they could all do just as well in his spot

    • tobybertie

      bigmack0033….Hit the books…If you don’t have them (as I assume) buy some, you are totally without knowledge of the constitution and the making of this Great Country!!!

  • Scott R

    Folks- Santorum is showing his true colors today in not allowing women to take jobs on the “front line” in the undelaired wars overseas. Using the excuse that the men will be emotionally distracted is crazy. They are emotionally distracted regardless of if their team mate is male or female. The more I find out about this guy, the more I dislike. Is it true that he wants to ban evolution in schools? At the same time we have Obama who wants ME to pay for women to get abortions when I am 100% against it. Being pro-choice is one thing, but forcing pro-life folk to pay for this BS is an outrage! I am so sick and tired of democrats and republicans that care less about our liberty and only care about their hidden agenda.

  • Arizona for Ron Paul

  • weee ron paul

  • wooh ron paul or we raise hell!

  • Come on Paul, we have faith in you

  • Yeah, don’t think we should get too excited yet. We can’t stop supporting Ron Paul. We must stick it out.