GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Will Be on GOP Ticket

  • I’m not even sure I would vote for Romney/Paul 2012. I don’t know if moving Paul from Congressman to VP would be worth weathering a Romney Presidency. And I’m not voting that clown into office just to get the current clown out!

  • Corporate elites dont want u to see the news stories that are featured on CHANNELEDKNOWLEDGE:ORG,, thats why the mainstream media ignores such interesting stories.. check them out and see for yourself.. also take our presidential poll

  • Graham


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  • and this is why judges show was cancelled…

  • Best wishes for RON PAUL , greets from germany , i would say to Mr. Paul why don t you come to Berlin do it like Kennedy did it ( and if it´s only to to top this obama liar ) , Mr. Paul has a huge support here ,many informed ppl know about his agenda and it is my personal conviction that he is the only solution ( but i am just a witness , my opinion does not count only that the US would gain back a lot of sympathy )


  • It’s funny how people are trying to get people to vote for Ron in videos that support him. People who search for Ron videos are already supporting him. We need to grab people who are not watching these videos. I suggest going to non-Ron topic videos to spread the word.

  • Thaddeus Kosciuszko

    We are the humans that choose the government that serves us.

    I can see a bright light of hope. Ron Paul won more independent and young voters than any of the other Republicans. For someone like me, who has watched as the ideas of Libertarians have come out of the forest and finally made it to the big stage, there is a reason to believe that something good is going on out there.

    For all of these years, Mr. Paul has been picking up the pages that were ripped out of the Constitution and tossed in the trash. He dusted them off, put them in his folder and continued to insist that they were the law of the land.

    And you know what? More People than ever before share his view.

    Nevertheless, I know that there is still a long way to go. But one thing I have learned from Mr. Paul, is that you must keep pushing and fighting every single day.

  • With everything the GOP establishment has done to minimize and cheat Ron Paul, how could anyone think they would let him on the Presidential ticket? That’s just a dumb fantasy. The sooner Paul focuses on a third party run, the better.

  • I will honestly say, if Ron Paul does NOT win this election, I will give up on this country and our government. Our current president will speak on our emotions, not logic. He tells us what we want to hear to keep us at bay, wake up people. Don’t elect a man who promises the world and doesn’t deliver, elect a man who is willing to follow through on the promises he makes.

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  • RON PAUL COIN PENDANT MEDALLION NECKLACE check on e-bay it is cool!

  • I’m feeling pretty good right now. I got my Ron Paul 2012 bumper sticker!

    It’s getting exciting, people!

  • Ron Paul! Ron Paul!

  • Marlon Brown

    I liked to see that I am not the only insane around here:

    Peter Schiff and few guests the other also noted how Ron Paul has some many great ideas and vision, but unfortunately fail to send a message within a political context. Folks, all this time, all this massive money in the campaign will go in vain since Ron Paul has never make an effort to adjust his speeches to a language that the common, brainwashed American voters can understand.

    a) “End the Fed”: This is perceived as a radical by the majority of Americans. Moreover, right there are millions of voters who rely on the financing industry and get scared to death when they hear this talk. Don’t forget the special groups managing the Fed are the same ones who own the media. Use instead political posture and tell something like “Reform the Fed” then once you are in power, convey the message and implement your plan gradually.

    b) “End the Department of Education”: This one scared my wife so badly. Even though for those educated and informed ending the department of education should bring us more good than harm, the fact is that the average American (like my wife) has the perception that free schools for my son would be eliminated by Ron Paul. Ron Paul should use more candid words or at least go ahead and directly explains the consequence of eliminating the Department of Education means. Obviously he doesn’t have time to explain all that, hence he should never use such strong words to describe a sensitive topic he doesn’t have time to explain.

    c) “911 was partially caused by the US intervention”: This one is highly sensitive and it is in the heart of the brainwashed American. You already know this topic is highly controversial, so why keeping playing the media game and falling into this trap all the time? Answer that American will have strategic influence and be truly selective on which war we go to. Silence the media and move on.

    Too bad now is the too late. Unfortunately those of us donating are only wasting our money if the attitude is not changed.

  • The Illuminati bankers killed Whitney Houston to distract from his finish in Maine (almost first)…You know there getting scared if they have to kill people.

  • Yeah you either get the black communist humanist homosexual feminist central banker bitch boy or the white one. I mean Obama or Romney.
    Paul is the only guy who is truly different. Americans want the Roman Empire, they have it and it will be all cool until it implodes and that shit is coming fast. The same idiots who won’t vote for Paul will die suffering the consequences of these other assholes in the implosion.

  • Probably a 10-20 percent chance, 🙁

    Really sucks Paul wont win.

  • Probably a 10-20 percent chance, 🙁

    Really sucks Paul wont win.