GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Will Be on GOP Ticket

  • Paul/Napolitano 2012…..unbeatable ticket.


  • If ron paul doesnt win we riot in the streets

  • watch?v=5zeAI08QdUE <---- Diebold counting machines use a hack to subtract & add votes with the use of a rigged card that can change the outcome of a precincts entire vote count!

  • New York for Ron Paul!

  • I love how the top comments show two states on opposite sides of the country. Way to spread that message across the country like butter.

  • March 1st is officially “Smack an Establishment Candidate Day”

  • My fellow Ron Paul supporters! If you really want to fully comprehend Ron Paul’s message and the dynamics of what he stands for try checking out this website: mises[dot]org .This website has so much literature on Austrian economics that you can learn a lot from. Check out the “Daily” tab at the top and there’s hundreds of articles all based on libertarianism. And a few of the columnists have personally influenced Ron Paul as well (i.e. Ludwig Von Mises, and Murray Rothbard).

  • Pennsylvania for Ron Paul!

  • This guy wants to remove the Department of Education… he lost my vote.

  • ron paul is the dirtiest politician in the race

  • Throw him a life jacket because Ron Paul is dead in the water and sinking fast.

  • winning aye…. lets ask charlie sheen..

  • everyone realizes ron paul isnt going to win right? jesus christ your tiring yourselves out over a guy who already lost lol

  • Ron Paul has zero accomplishments pertinent to being President. Winning House Congressional races in a district populated by the toothless is no great claim. His only successes have come from selling fringe newsletters and doomed candidacies to losers, dopers, New-Nazis, dopers, and Islamists.

  • People, if they can run the Country, they can surely run the elections! Wake up, these elections are just smoke and mirrors. They have been planning this for a 100 years, and they’re just gonna let some Congressman ruin their plans? Don’t let Paul be another JFK! We need a revolution!

  • Minnesota Ron Paul ALL THE WAY!!

  • Ohio for Ron Paul!

  • All the World for Ron Paul

  • The figures that warned US people
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  • California for Ron Paul.