Ron Paul Winning the Battle for Delegates

Photo by Gage Skidmore

The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign released the following statement regarding the results of yesterday’s election results. See comments below from Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Manager John Tate.

“We are thrilled with the yesterday’s results. Our campaign to Restore America continues to gain ground, and we are poised to pick up even more delegates from Minnesota and Colorado adding to our delegates in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

“As people across the country view the results of yesterday’s contests, it is important to consider a few facts that have not been clearly reported. Not one single delegate was awarded yesterday, instead the caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado were the very first step in the delegate selection process. And there are still over 40 states left to go. The Ron Paul campaign plans to continue to vie for delegates nationwide.

“There are a few significant takeaways from yesterday’s contests to remember:

1) The Missouri primary means nothing. It was a non-binding beauty contest, and the contest that matters in the ‘show me’ state won’t take place for another month. The Ron Paul campaign is well positioned to win delegates in Missouri’s caucus a month from now.

2) As in Iowa where not 1 of the 28 delegates has been awarded yet, in Colorado and Nevada the Paul campaign will do very well in the state delegate counts. We will have good numbers among the actual delegates awarded, far exceeding our straw poll numbers.

3) In Minnesota where we have finished a solid second, we also have a strong majority of the state convention delegates, and the process to elect delegates has also just begun, the Paul campaign is well-organized to win the bulk of delegates there.

“We are confident in gaining a much larger share of delegates than even our impressive showing yesterday indicates. As an example of our campaign’s delegate strength, take a look at what has occurred in Colorado:

In one precinct in Larimer County, the straw poll vote was 23 for Santorum, 13 for Paul, 5 for Romney, 2 for Gingrich. There were 13 delegate slots, and Ron Paul got ALL 13.

In a precinct in Delta County the vote was 22 for Santorum, 12 for Romney, 8 for Paul, 7 for Gingrich. There were 5 delegate slots, and ALL 5 went to Ron Paul.

In a Pueblo County precinct, the vote was 16 for Santorum, 11 for Romney, 3 for Gingrich and 2 for Paul. There were 2 delegate slots filled, and both were filled by Ron Paul supporters.

We are also seeing the same trends in Minnesota, Nevada, and Iowa, and in Missouri as well.

“We may well win Minnesota, and do far better in Colorado than yesterday’s polls indicate.

“In the latest national poll from Reuters/Ipsos Poll, Ron Paul places a strong second with 21 percent, gaining ground on his main competitor nationally, Mitt Romney, whose support seems to be fading at 29 percent. Congressman Paul’s support has grown by 5 percentage points nationally since January, while Romney has seen a 30 percent decline in his support since January.

“This poll follows a January 30th Gallup Poll showing Dr. Paul within the margin of error of defeating Obama. Also, a January 16th CNN/ORC Poll showed Congressman Paul and Obama in a virtual tie in a general election showdown.

“Yesterday’s contests were significant, but not a decisive or a conclusive end to this race. Our campaign will keep pushing forward and continue to take our message of liberty all the way to the convention. This race after all is about delegates, not about beauty contests.”

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  • Patriot1

    I was elected a delegate at my precinct here in Minnesota. There were eight of us elected, six of us, including myself, are Ron Paul supporters, and the other two were for Santorum. The reason why Ron Paul is winning the majority of the delegates is this; his supporters step up to the plate and run for delegates, while the others do not. They just cast their vote and go home, while Ron Paul’s supporters get elected as delegates. The polls and “beauty contests” do not matter, it’s the delegates that do. In politics, the people who win are the ones who show up, and in this case, it happens to be Dr. Paul’s supporters.

  • Jacob

    I took part in the Iowa caucuses. I live in precinct 13 of Dubuque county.
    Romney won 14 to Ron Pauls 10. Only Ron Paul delegates remain including myself. This was the trend I saw while at the caucus. I am VERY hopeful for a Ron Paul landslide in Iowa. County convention is the 10th. If Ron Paul can do well at my county convention then I am positive that most of the delegates across Iowa will end up Ron Paul delegates. One way to find out.

  • Lori

    What is must feel like to be Ron Paul & be surrounded by the boy who cried/cries wolf (Obama), as well as the 3 stooges… One of his opponents -& his 3 1/2 yrs of selling lies as truth- gives a cautionary story of what happens when we elect cookie-cutter politicians to our nation’s head office. The other 3 (GOP) opponents can’t help but constantly provide the non-stop comedy (to their dismay) when they want nothing more than to be taken seriously -but- while doing so, never cease coming across as a joke. It’s all reality even though it seems so storybook-like (in terms of fiction); especially when such pathetic opposition seems to get a little more support than Paul w/ each primary that passes. How gullible &/or naive those citizen voters must be to believe/fall for such “tall tales”.


  • Wayne

    @ Questioner: Don’t hate the player hate the game! The way this primary was set up this year was specifically changed to favor getting Romney elected, no reason to get pissed because Paul’s supporters are better organized and actually stick around and do what all the campaigns are instructing their supporters to do.

    • questioner

      @Wayne : I feared someone would respond by avoiding the criticism completely. The fact remains that if there is just 1 vote for a candidate in a county, let’s say, and this represents 1% of the vote of the people, that the percent of delegates should reflect the vote of the people…or are we essentially ignoring people’s votes?

      That concept is what you are defending…”Vote for whomever you want, and let us decide behind the scenes”…repulsive.

      Why have people vote at all? Why be so upset about that county in Maine where the votes will come next week? Am I crazy here or do people not see the breakdown between Votes and Delegates?


  • questioner

    There are at least 2 levels that I see going on here, which also seems similar to the national election. One is the popular vote, and the other is the delegate count, when caucuses are concerned.

    If RPaul gets half of the people to vote for him than someone else received in a caucus state, what gives you the right, or the justification, to expcect to receive ALL delegates in that situation?

    All you seem to be doing is removing the power of the people to elect who they want…or do we need this level of overseers to avoid the popular will of the people?

    You may respond that you are ‘following the rules’, but how can you justify getting ALL delegates when in fact the people clearly, literally, did not vote for RPaul in a certain contest?

    Vote Delegate = Misrepresentation.

    Or is that what we’re counting on? It’s a class of people that oversee, or temper, the popular vote, even within a particular section of a state!

    • questioner

      That should be…
      Vote is not equal to Delegate, which leads to Misrepresentation

    • answerer

      Republicans favor a republic, democrats favor a democracy. You’re arguing the democratic point of view in a republican race. There is no misrepresentation here, just a different appointment ideology.

  • Jack White

    Colorado is a non-binding precinct caucus. Their 36 delegates will be chosen at district conventions held between March 31 – April 13, 2012, and at the state convention on April 14, 2012. .

    Minnesota is a non-binding precinct caucus. Their 40 delegates will be chosen at district conventions held between April 14 – 21, 2012, and at a state convention on May 5, 2012. Delegates are not bound unless the state convention passes a resolution to bind the delegates.

    Missouri primary is not recognized as being a part of any delegate allocation or selection process . A precinct caucus will be held on 3/17/2012 to begin the process of choosing their 52 delegates which will be chosen at district conventions on April 21, 2012, and a state convention on June 2, 2012.

  • Rory

    I am a bit confused when it comes to the delegate counts. Why is it that on websites such as NPR, RealClearPolitics, Wallstreet Journal, WikiPedia (to name just a few) their delegate trackers are all reporting that Ron Paul has no more than 8 or 9 delegates in total and is 4th behind Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum. However in this article it seems Ron Paul took around 20 delegates from Colorado alone, excluding that he also did well in Minnesota with picking up delegates. Please could anyone clarify on this? And where can we view a proper projection of the delegate counts. Thank you.

  • Brian McConnell

    In Precint 189, Arapahoe County (Centennial) Colorado, our vote was 25 Romney, 17 Santorum, 3 Paul, 2 Gingrich.

    I was elected the primary delegate to the state convention, my wife is the alternate. We support Ron Paul. The state convention in Colorado will select 12 of the 36 delegates to the RN Convention. (The 7 congressional conventions will select 21 of the national delegates).

    • Dorly

      Brian, are you and your wife going to the state convention? We don’t have your correct email address and no phone to call. Can you reply to my email please.