Ron Paul Cautiously Optimistic about Strong Finish in Maine

  • RON PAUL has won is a fact that he is growing exponentially !

  • Ron Paul is not going to be your president, dumb goy shmucks. WE decide who gets elected, so stfu!


  • Canada for RON PAUL! Please USA, please elect a competent president for once

  • well he didnt win. Actually he hasn’t won a state yet. Hes still going to win though isn’t he lol….Deluded!

  • Vote to paul

  • jones is an ISRAELI SHILL!

  • Please…think and research for yourselves…do not follow the promptings of the corporate run government media! Check out and the movies Endgame and The Obama Deception…view them w/ an open mind and verify the facts!
    Please…Ron Paul may be our last chance to regain our country and our freedoms!

  • I was born in 1958 and Dr. Paul is THE ONLY CHOICE unless you want the continued, rapid decline in all our liberties…status quo os killing us all! One World Government is death!

  • What u critics don’t understand is
    We are the Ron Paul supporters who are trying to protect your rights

  • I actually meant “method” to our madness, not message. lol

  • Francozilla, there’s a message to our madness. it’s all about the delegates. Not the delegates that the media shows you on the bottom of the screen. I’m talking about the REAL delegate count. All we have to do is keep Mitt from getting the 1144 that would make him the automatic nominee. If by the time the convention this occurs, everyone will be in for a huge surprise. It actually doesn’t really matter if Dr. Paul wins a state or not! Crazy right?!?

  • As much as I like to commend Ron Paul, chances of him being the main GOP candidate against Obama is very small. He may have a strong following among young voters (those born in the 1980-1993 range), but I feel that MOST Baby Boomers and Generation Xers are NOT Ron Paul supporters. The odds and numbers are against you Rom Paul supporters, whether the voting rig is true or not.

  • I’m amazed you Ron Paul supporters remain optimistic… despite your man NOT winning a single state caucus or primary. NOT being a troll… just an amazed bystander. I got to know Ron Paul around 2 years ago, and personally think he’s the best chance to fix America’s political and economic turmoil.

  • Once everyone realizes he can win, Ron Paul will start getting a lot more votes.

  • Ron Paul is the only candidate who will save you from the establishment and the media, both are working against you – they want to steal your freedom and your childrens freedom. Vote Ron Paul 2012.

  • Thank You Ron Paul I was brainwashed and use to watch the news/media. Not anymore. Ron Paul 2012. Wake up fellow Americans. Do your own research and vote wisely.

  • Ron Paul is winning the delegates regardless of what the popular vote is because RP supporters go all the way.

  • The state of Maine should be ashamed of themselves for giving their delegates for Mitt Ro-money! If this country collapses you only have yourselves to blame! America is BROKE…and you are voting for another liberal money spending fool! It breaks my heart that Americans are so stupid! America is bleeding and Ron is the ONLY canidate willing to give blood! Shame on you Maine!! Shame on you!!
    Ron Paul 2012

  • What can I say Ron Paul for President.

  • Please make these videos so you can watch them on your iPhone… Ps this is the first time I ever cared about voting (30 year old male) If Ron Paul can’ t change this country… I lost all hope. :0(